HC Deb 26 November 1980 vol 994 cc86-7W

Joint Committee on Refugees from Vietnam
Chairman Sir Arthur Peterson
Members 2 representatives each of
The British Council for Aid to Refugees
The Ockenden Venture
The Save the Children Fund
Mr. M. E. Head
Mr. J. L. Goddard

The last two members are civil servants.

Interdepartmental Committee to Review Traffic Law

Chairman Mr. W. J. Bohan
Members Mr. C. McLachlan
Mr. R. Birch
Mr. B. K. Fairbaim
Mr. W. T. Davis
Mr. P. J. Hanlan
Mr. A. R. Rickard.
Mr. B. H. Forster
Mr. N. L. Morgan
Miss C. T. A. Marston
Mr. M. Hargreaves
Mrs. J. Thompson
Mr. J. N. Lithgow
Mr. D. E. Edwanls
Mr. D. F. Clark
Dr. D. M. S. Peace
Sir Bryan Roberts
Mr. P. N. Gerosa
Mrs. M. Stringer
Mr. A. Whetnall
Mr. L. Gillam
Miss A. MacGregor

The Chairman and the last 14 members are civil servants.

Advisory Committee on Animal Experiments

Chairman Mrs. Mary Warnock
Members Lord Adrian
Prof. D. E. Blackman

Mr. J. Brice
Dr. C. R. Coid
Prof, the Reverend Canon Gordon R. Dunstan
Mr. T. G. Field-Fisher
Dr. S. M. Jennett
Sir William D. M. Paton
Mr. N. Snodgrass
Dr. D. W. Straughan
Dr. J. Hampson
Lady Lloyd —

This body replaced the Advisory Committee on the Administration of the Cruelty to Animals Act 1876.