HC Deb 12 February 1980 vol 978 cc618-22W
Mr. Stanbrook

asked the Secretary of State for Trade if he will list the number of anti-dumping complaints made to the European Commission by United Kingdom organisations for the current and each of the last five years, respectively, giving the result in each case.

Mr. Parkinson

The European Commission did not assume responsibility for taking anti-dumping action on behalf of United Kingdom industry until July 1977. Details of cases with a United Kingdom interest subsequently opened for investigation, excluding cases involving iron and steel goods subject to the special ECSC anti-crisis measures, are as follows:

Case opened Commodity Country of origin Result
1977 (first half) Housed bearings Japan Price undertaking from exporter.
Piezo electric quartz crystals Japan Price undertaking from exporter.
Unalloyed wrought titanium Japan Closed through changed circumstances.
Kraft liner (paper) USA, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Portugal Australia and USSR Duty against USA; price undertakings from all other exporters.
Hole punching machines Japan Price undertaking from exporter.
1978 Chemical wood pulp Canada, USA, Finland and Sweden Closed through changed circumstances
Polyamide and polyester high tenacity yarn USA Price undertaking from exporter.
Plywood South Korea No dumping found.
Styrene butadiene rubber German Democratic Republic Poland and Romania No case found for action.
Rosin Sweden Price undertaking from exporter.
Vinyl acetate USA Closed through changed circumstances.
Electric light bulbs Hungry, Poland, German Democratic Republic and Czechoslovakia. Investigation proceeding
Sodium carbonate Bulgaria, German Democratic Republic Poland, Romania and USSR. Duty imposed against USSR; price undertakings received from all other exporters.
Fire building board (hardboard) Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, USSR, Spain, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Investigation proceeding
Herbicide (DINOSEB) Romania Duty imposed.

Case opened Commodity Country of origin Result
1979 Gas tubes Spain and Romania Undertaking from Spain; case still open against Romania.
Integral horsepower electric motors Czechoslovakia, German Democratic Republic, Hungary, Poland, USSR, Bulgaria and Romania. Investigation proceeding.
Steel flanges Spain Price undertaking from exporter.
Motor car tyres Czechoslovakia, German Democratic Republic, Poland, Romania and Yugoslavia. Investigation proceeding.
Dressed bovine leather(countervailing/subsidisation). Brazil Price undertaking from exporter.
Chipboard Sweden and spain Price undertaking from exporters.
Cotton yarn Turkey Investigation proceeding.
Saccharin Japan China USA Investigation proceeding.
Stereo cassette player heads Japan Investigation proceeding.
Mechanical alarm clocks German Democratic Republic, USSR, Czechoslovakia, China and Hong Kong. Investigation proceeding.
Cold formed steel sections Romania Investigation proceeding.
Ball bearings Japan, USSR, Poland and Romania Investigation proceeding.
Seamless steel tubes Spain Investigation proceeding.
Acrylic fibre USA, Japan, Spain, Turkey and Greece Duty imposed against USA; undertaking from Spanish exporter; Turkey and Greece—no dumping case still open against Japan.
Anchor chains Sweden and spain Investigation proceeding.
Stainless steel bar Brazil Investigation proceeding.