HC Deb 02 December 1980 vol 995 cc141-2W
Mr. Grylls

asked the Secretary of State for Industry if he will list the names, the length of contract granted, the salary and pension arrangements and the date they were appointed, of the members of the board of British Shipbuilders.

Mr. Michael Marshall

The following table gives the information requested.

British Shipbuilding Board members as at 2 December 1980
(Figures in ( ) refer to the notes at the foot of the table)
Date of appointment Term of appointment (years)
Full-time members (1)
Mr. R. Atkinson, Chairman and (2)(8), Chief Executive 1 July 1980
Mr. K. J. Griffen, OBE. Deputy Chairman (3)(8) 23 March 1980 3
Mr. T. J. Parker, Deputy Chief Executive and member for merchant shipbuilding (3)(8) 1 February 1978 3
Mr. R. J. Daniel, OBE, Member for warship building and R&D (3)(8) 1 April 1979 3
Mr. L. G. C. Curran, Member for engineering and engine-building (3)(8) 11 June 1979 3
Part-time members
Mr. F. A. Baker, CBE, (4)(7) 24 May 1980 2
Mr. J. Chalmers, CBE, (4)(7) 31 July 1980 1
Mr. J. Gardiner, (4)(6)(7) 9 January 1980 2
Mr. S. R. Harding, (4)(7) 20 March 1980 2
Mr. W. Richardson (5)(7) 24 May 1980 7 months
Mr. H. Robson, (4)(7) 24 May 1980 2
Mr. J. Steele, (5)(7) 1 June 1980 1
Mr. J. Wright, CBE, (5)(7) 1 June 1980 1


(1) There are two vacancies for full-time board members; a further vacancy will arise on the resignation of Mr. L. G. C. Curran with effect from 5 December 1980.

(2) Mr. Atkinson is on secondment from Aurora Holdings Ltd. which is paid £48,000 for his services to BS.

(3) New salaries for full-time board members following the Government's decision on the recommendations of the Top Salaries Review Body have still to be finalised (any increases will be back-dated to 1 April 1980). The following figures are current salaries:—

  • Deputy Chairman—£30,875

It is not customary to list individual salaries of ordinary full-time members but to follow the practice laid down for private firms in he Companies Act 1967. Full-time members' remuneration falls into he blowing ranges:—

£20,000 to £25,000 1
£25,000 to £30,000 2

(4) Part-rime members currently receive £2,250.

(5) Employees of subsidiaries of the corporation are not paid for their board duties.

(6) Does not draw his salary.

(7) Part-time members pension arrangements are subject to individual negotiations.

(8) Full-time members pension arrangements are subject to individual negotiation.