HC Deb 30 March 1979 vol 965 cc377-8W
Mr. Shepherd

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer when the present value of luncheon vouchers was fixed for tax purposes; what has been the increase in the average cost of the items for which a luncheon voucher may be used since that time; and what representations he has

1978 1979
£ £
The Queen's Civil List 1,960,200 2,134,200
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother 175,000 200,000
HRH The Duke of Edinburgh 93,500 98,000
HRH The Princess Anne, Mrs. Mark Phillips 60,000 63,000
HRH The Prince Andrew 17,262 20,000
HRH The Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon 59,000 64,000
HRH Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester 30,000 30,000
HRH The Duke of Gloucester 39,000 57,000
HRH The Duke of Kent 60,000 75,000
HRH Princess Alexandra, Mrs. Angus Ogilvy 60,000 72,000
HRH Princess Alice, Countees of Athlone 6,500 8,000
Total 2,560,462 2,821,200
Refunded by HM The Queen 165,500 212,000
2,394,962 2,609,200
1. These figures combine the sums payable directly from the Consolidated Fund with the supplements provided by the Royal Trustees from the grant made to them in the Vote for economic and financial administration: Treasury—Class XIII, 4. With the exception of the allowance to HRH The Prince Andrew, all the increases are directly linked to increased expenses incurred in carrying out the Royal duties.
2. The figures for 1979 assume increases in salaries and wages in the current pay round of 5 per cent., with a minimum of £3.50 per week; they also include payment of the increase in London weighting which has been awarded with effect from 1 April 1978. The provisions are consistent with those for cash limits on central Government expenditure, which were announced by the Chief Secretary on 23 February 1979.
3. A sum of £20,000 a year is payable from the Consolidated Fund in respect of HRH The Prince Andrew from 19 February 1978 when he attained the age of 18. Her Majesty has made an order under section 4 of the Civil List Act 1952 limiting the amounts to be paid to him to £518 in 1978 and £1,000 in 1979; the balance will be accumulated by the Royal Trustees.
4. Her Majesty paid £165,500 into the Consolidated Fund in 1978 in respect of the payments made to the last four members of the Royal Family, whose expenses are met under section 3 of the Civil List Act 1972; a payment of £212,000 will be made similarly in 1979

received concerning the tax concessions on luncheon vouchers.

Mr. Robert Sheldon

I shall let the hon. Member have a reply as soon as possible.