HC Deb 05 March 1979 vol 963 c507W
Mr. Litterick

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services whether the retirement pensioners' Christmas bonus was paid to British pensioners living in Portugal in 1978; and, if not, why not.

Mr. Orme

The Pensions Payment Act 1978 provided for this bonus, like

Whole-time equivalents
1973 1974 1975 1976 1977
Hospital and Primary Health Care Service Staff—Total* 656,684║ 664,609 708,878 735,730║ 739,469║
Of which:
Medical and dental staff 29,570 30,105 31,796 32,664 33,492
Nursing and midwifery staff 303,494 308,218 331,511 338,962 339,812
Professional and technical staff (excluding works)‡ 44,155 42,738 45,677 51,180 52,798
Works and maintenance 19,550 20,066 21,924 22,710 23,059
Administrative and clerical§ 68,846 73,793 82,332 88,356 88,819
Ambulance officers, ambulance men women and other ambulance staff 16,594 16,584 17,486 17,166 17,383
Ancillary and other 163,886 162,179 166,587 172,280 171,465
RHA headquarters, mass radiography, blood transfusion service and other regional unit staff 10,590 10,926 11,565 12,424 12,640
* Excludes Family Practitioner Committee practitioners, Dental Estimates Board Staff and Prescription Pricing Authority Staff.
Figures relating to hospital medical and dental staff exclude locums, hospital practitioner appointments and doctors holding paragraph 96 appointments and dentists holding paragraph 107 appointments under the Terms and Conditions of service of Hospital Medical and Dental staff. Figures relating to Community Health medical and dental staff include Local Authority staff for 1973.Figures from 1974 onwards exclude locum or temporary staff and occasional sessional staff for whom no w.t.e. was collected.
‡ Hospital social workers are included in 1973—responsibility for these staff was transferred to Local Authority Social Services on 1 April 1974.
§ Includes Family Practitioners Service administrative and clerical staff and support services managers but excludes ambulance officers.
║ The figures have been rounded to the nearest final digit, therefore there is a slight discrepancy between the sum of the constituent items and the totals as shown.