HC Deb 21 June 1979 vol 968 cc641-4W
Mr. Ernie Ross

asked the Secretary of State for Education and Science if he will list the research projects at Dundee University sponsored by (a) the Science Research Council, (b) the Social Science Research Council and (c) the Medical Research Council and the amount of financial assistance being made available to individual projects.

Mr. Macfarlane

Grant support is being given to Dundee university for research as set out below:

(a) Science Research Council
Project and Total grant
Development of amorphous silicon devices 50,670
Unsteady flow in vibrating pipe systems 6,700
Durability of expoxy resin adhesive joints 18,769
Multi-spectral scanning MSS of the North Sea from satellites and correlation with seatruth data 36,950
Pulse fourier transform nuclear magnetic resonance of molecular complexes in the gasphase 4,462
Photochemistry of benzotriazine-3-N-oxides and cinnoline-1-and-2-N-oxides 11,050
Application of halophosphineractions to organic synthesis 11,250
Finite element methods for problems with significant first derivatives 11,137
Passive and active noise control 9,976
Computational methods for structural and functional relationships 12,200
Electronic properties of doped amorphous semiconductors 14,645
Theoretical investigation of modulated structures using Lisfhitz invariants and a macrospic theory 11,860
Characterisation and regulation of blue-green algal ribulose phosphate carboxylas E/oxygenase 9,154
Low potential proton-trans-locating oxidoreductions 12,943
Kinetics of laser initiated respiratory H + translocation How fast are H + movements from membrane to bulk phases 16,141
Genetic manipulation of bacterial growth efficiencies 6,098
Investigation into the genetics properties and catalytic-mechanisms of bacterial cytochrome oxidases 6,060
The regulation of non-shivering thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue at the level of the isolated cell 30,535
Mechanism of inorganic carbon entry and assimilation in algae 19,430
Nitrogen metabolism in symbioses involving blue-green algae 13,919
Differentiation and developmental biology of spores of blue-green algae 12,187
Role of phytohaemagglutinins (lectins) in N2-fixing symbioses between blue-green algae and eukaryotes 17,705
The nitrogenase-hydrogenase systems of the unicellular cyanobacterium aphanothece sp 14,108
Covalent links between polyamines and proteins in biological systems 2,904
Ph regulation in land plants in relation to long distance transport 18,639
(b) Social Science Research Council
(i) Research grants
Eye movement in reading 4,210
Representation of object concepts 7,536
Differences in labour productivity within UK manufacturing industries 2,400
(ii) Research contract
An investigation of the social and environmental impact of oil related developments in the Highlands 12,899
(c) Medical Research Council (MRC) Further steps in mapping the developing mouse telencephalon 7,236
Immunological control of commensal micro organisms with particular reference to Candida albicans 16,446
The provision of computerised multiple ion recording facilities for the analysis of biological samples 4,620
Assessment of blood levels in the newborn 4,010
Assembly of multimeric membrane protein 19,303
The molecular basis of hepatic UDP-glucuronyl transferase heterogeneity 11,200
The molecular basis of the genetic deficiency of UDP-glucuronyl-transferase 25,535
Isolation and characterization of membrane-bound glucose-6-phosphatase from hepatic endoplasmic reticulum 21,342
Molecular basis of type 6 and type 3 glycogen storage diseases 12,893
Purification, substrate specificity and regulation of protein phosphatase involved in control of glycogen metabolism 20,342
The regulation of protein phosphatase III by heat stable inhibitor proteins 34,421
The regulation of glycogen synthetase by multivalent phosphorylation and the mechanism of action of insulin 44,578
A Beckman 890C sequencer and high pressure liquid chromatography system for identification of pthamino acids (essential equipment) 81,636
Regulation of detoxicating enzymes in mammalian tissues 52,045
Radioactive assays of xenobiotic metabolising enzymes and of steroid transport and biosynthesis 9,200
Membrane synthesis and its control 59,500
Synthesis and assembly of membrane-bound enzyme complexes 32,687
Regulation of fatty acid biosynthesis by phosphorylation/de-phosphorylation 35,583
Isolated corpus luteum cells: The sources of cholesterol used for luteal progesterone biosynthesis 15,915
Activation and solubilization of adenylate cyclase of the corpus luteum 23,646
Use of dermal collagen allografts and heterografts in the reconstruction of full-thickness loss skin wounds 24,236
Studies in clinical photobiology 9,368
A study of the pharmacokinetics of 8-methoxysoralen 12,031
Accurate cavity chamber dosimetry for neutron therapy 12,981
Effects of photoactivated drugs on chromosome structure 12,293
The genetic basis of psoriasis: An investigation of the possibility of an inherited defect in the epithelial cells 17,496
Ageing as a factor affecting drug response 74,299
Energetics and control of amino acid transport across the membrane of vesicles from human placental trophoblast 19,144
Hormonal regulation of intracellular (junctional) communication 37,072
Mitochondrial regulation of free calcium concentrations in isolated nerve endings (synaptosome) 19,432
Event related slow potentials of the brain 5,193

Research students are also being supported by the MRC, at an annual cost per student of £2,775, on the following projects:—


  • Activation and solubilisation of Adenylate cyclase of the corpus luteum.
  • 644
  • Hormonal regulation of glycogen metabolism.
  • Control of Hepatic microsomal drugmetabolising enzymes.
  • Hormonal regulation of the protein phosphates which regulates glycogen metabolism.
  • Determination of intrafollicular factors controlling the periodic growth of hair.
  • Plasma/Erythrocyte lithium levels: Their relationship to toxicity and therapeutic effect.
  • The effects of drugs on pyridoxine-dependent enzymes.
  • Intestinal absorption of protein digestion products.
  • Electrophysiological studies of mammalian pancreatic acinar cells.