HC Deb 27 July 1979 vol 971 cc566-72W
Mr. Meacher

asked the Secretary of State for Energy if he will list the current members of the Electricity Council, the National Coal Board, the executive of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and of the British Gas Corporation, and indicate in each case their occupation and background, which other public and private sector board posts they hold, and what remuneration they receive.

Mr. David Howell

The information held by my Department is given below. This does not include the directorships held by certain full-time members as part of the duties of their appointment. None of the full-time members retains fees in respect of other posts held.

Body 1 Member 2 Remuneration (per annum) 3 Occupation—Background 4 Other Board Posts 5
Electricity Council Chairman
Sir Francis Tombs £36,945 Previously Chairman, South of Scotland Electricity Board. Member, Nature Conservancy Council.
Deputy Chairman
Mr. A. W. Bunch, C.B.E. 1 between £27,501 and £30,000. Previously Chairman, Southern Electricity Board.
Full-time Members
Mr. R. W. Orson 1 between £20,001 and £22,500. 2 between £22,501 and £25,000. Previously commercial adviser, Electricity Council.
Mr. W. J. Prior, C.B.E. Previously director-general, South Eastern Region, Central Electricity Generating Board.
Mr. D. M. McGroather Previously Deputy Chairman, South Western Electricity Board.
National Coal Board Chairman
Sir Derek Ezra. M.B.E. £36,945 Previously Deputy Chairman, National Coal Board. Member, British Overseas Trade Board.
Deputy Chairman
Mr. N. Siddall, C.B.E. 1 between £27,501 and £30,000. Previously Board Member, National Coal Board.
Full-time Members
Mr. G. C. Shephard, C.B.E. 2 between £20,001 and £22,500. 3 between £22,501 and £25,000 Previously executive member National Union of Mineworkers.
Mr. D. Davies, C.B.E. Previously Area Director, South Wales National Coal Board.
Mr. L. J. Mills, C.B.E. Previously Area Director. Doncaster National Coal Board.
Mr. F. B. Harrison Previously Deputy Chief Executive, NCB (Coal Products) Ltd.
Dr. J. Gibson Previously Director of Coal Utilisation and and Research, National Coal Board.
Part-time Members
Mr. K. J. Griffin, O.B.E. Receive no salary as members of the National Coal Board. Deputy Chairman, British Shipbuilders Member, Supplementary Benefits Commission.
Mr. J. Cowan, O.B.E. Area Director, Scottish Area, National Coal Board.
Mr. P. Weekes Area Director, South Wales, National Coal Board.
Mr. W. J. Prior, C.B.E. Member, Electricity Council See Col. 4 and above.
Mr. F. Holloway Member, British Steel Corporation See Col. 4.
Body 1 Member 2 Remuneration (per annum) 3 Occupation—Background 4 Other Board Posts 5
United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority. Chairman
Sir John Hill £32,020 Previously Managing Director, Production Group, U.K.A.E.A. Chairman: British Nuclear Fuels Ltd., The Radiochemical Centre Ltd.
Deputy Chairman
Dr. W. Marshall, C.B.E., F.R.S. 1 between £22,501 and £25,000. Previously Director, Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell and Chief Scientist, Department of Energy.
Full-time Members
Mr. A. M. Allen 1 between £22,501 and £25,000. 2 between £20,001 and £22,500. Previously Secretary, U.K.A.E.A.
with effect from 1 August 1979:
Dr. T. Marsham, C.B.E. Managing Director, U.K.A.E.A., Northern Division.
Mr. L. Roberts, C.B.E. Director, Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell.
Part-time Members
Lord Kearton, F.R.S. £2,270 Chairman, British National Oil Corporation See Col. 4. Part-time Member Central Electricity Generating Board.
Sir Leslie Williams, C.B.E. £2,270 Previously Chairman, Civil Service Appeals Board.
Lord Flowers, F.R.S. £2,270 Rector, Imperial College of Science and Technology.
Dr. N. L. Franklin, C.B.E. * Chairman and Chief Executive, Nuclear Power Co. Ltd.
Dr. F. E. Bamber * Deputy Chairman, Central Electricity Generating Board.
Mr. W. B. S. Walker £2,270 Partner, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.
Mr. C. Allday, C.B.E. £2,270 Chief Executive and Managing Director, British Nuclear Fuels Ltd.
Mr. B. G. Tucker, C.B., O.B.E. * Deputy Secretary, Department of Energy
* Receive no salary as members of the Authority.

Body 1 Member 2 Remuneration (per annum) 3 Occupation—Background 4 Other Board Posts 5
British Gas Corporation Chairman
Sir Denis Rooke, C.B.E., F.R.S. £36,945 Previously Deputy Chairman, British Gas Corporation. Part-time Member, British National Oil Corporation.
Deputy Chairman
Mr. J. H. Smith, C.B.E. 1 between £27,501 and £30,000. Previously Member, British Gas Corporation. Member of Committee, Lazards American Exempt Fund; Member of Committee of Management, The Pension Fund Property Unit Trust; Chairman Moracrest Investments Ltd.
Full-time Members
Mr. G. F. I. Roberts, C.B.E. 1 between £17,501 and £20,000. 2 between £20,001 and £22,500. 2 between £22,501 and £25,000. Previously Deputy Director (Operations), Gas Council.
Mr. R. L. Worsfold, C.B.E. Previously Director of Personnel, Gas Council.
Mr. W. G. Jewers, O.B.E. Previously Director of Finance, Gas Council.
Mr. B. C. Smith Previously Director of Service. British Gas Corporation.
Mr. J. McHugh Previously Director (Operations) British Gas Corporation.
Part-time Members
Mr. P. E. Gallaher, C.B.E …. Chairman, North West Gas
Sir Ernest Woodroofe £2,350 Company Director Chairman, Review Body on Doctors' and Dentists' Remuneration.
Mr. D. G. Badham, O.B.E. £2,350 Company Director
Mr. A. F. M. Matthews, O.B.E. £2,350 Retired
Mr. R. Greenburg £2,350 Joint Managing Director, Marks & Spencer
Lord Scanlon £2,350 Formerly President, Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers. Member: Metrication Board, National Enterprise Board, National Economic Development Council.
† Receives no salary as a member of the British Gas Corporation.

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