HC Deb 27 July 1979 vol 971 cc602-3W

Members (Part-time)

L. C. Young (Chairman)—Chairman. J. Bibby & Sons Ltd.; Director, Mersey Docks & Harbour Co.; Regional director, North Regional Board; National Westminster Bank Ltd.; Member, North-West Economic Planing Council.

C. M. Barnett—Regional secretary, North West Regional Council of the TUC; Divisional officer, National Union of Public Employees; Member, North-West economic planning council; Chairman, Manchester MSC, special programmes; Director, William Temple Foundation; Director, Profit From Waste Ltd.; Director, Manchester Productivity Association.

R. B. de Zouche—Partner, Messrs. Wilson, de Zouche & Mackenzie; Director, Liverpool Building Society; Chairman, Merseyside Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Director, Merseyside Estates Ltd.; Director, Clegg Estate Development Co. Ltd.; Member, North-West economic planning council; Member, Council of the Association of British Chambers of Commerce.

G. M. D. Drummond FCA—Deputy Chairman, Trind Ltd.; Local Director, Barclays Bank Ltd.; Chairman, Buckwood Group Ltd.; Director, Cable & Plastics Ltd.; Chairman, Caird (Dundee) Ltd.; Chairman, Edward Pryor & Sons Ltd.; Director, Hadswell Badger Ltd.; Director, James Crosby & Sons Ltd.; Chairman, Lynton Caravan Manufacturing Co. Ltd.; Chairman, Total Mechanical Handling Ltd.; Director, Shaw Hathernware Ltd.; Director, Triangle International Ltd.; Director. Farming Land Ltd.; Director, Grafton Street Nominees Ltd.; Director, Thomas Green & Sons Ltd.

D. G. Farrar—Chairman North-West regional council TUC; Regional secretary, Transport and General Workers' Union; Member North-West economic planning council; Member, North-West regional board, National Enterprise Board.

F. S. Gibbs, BSc(Eng), CEng, FIMechE, FIFE—Chairman, GEC High Voltage Switch-gear Ltd.; Chairman, GEC Power Transformers Ltd.; Chairman, GEC Distribution Transformers Ltd.; Chairman, GEC Rectifiers Ltd.; Chairman, GEC Distribution Switchgear Ltd.; Director, GEC Power Engineering Ltd; Director, Switchgear & Cowans Ltd.; Director, The Bushing Co. Ltd.; Director, ASTA (Inc); Director, Elmet Alloys Ltd.; Director, Resmet Alloys Ltd.; Chairman, Associated Tap Changer Ltd.

G. N. Hague, FCIS—Chairman and managing director, Welwyn Garments Ltd.; Member, North-West economic planning council; Executive Director, Manchester Chamber of Commerce and industry.

T. D. Parr— Chairman, Baird Textile Holdings Ltd.; Director, William Baird & Co. Ltd.; Director, Continental Imports (Blackpool) Ltd.; Director North-West Regional Board Lloyds Bank; Chairman Telemac Ltd.; Director, Lillian Stewart Ltd.; Director, Baracuta (Clothiers) Ltd.: Director, Telemac (HK) Ltd.; Director, Ferryhill Mfg. Co. Ltd.; Chairman, ME Ltd.; Chairman, Berlbeck Mantles Ltd.; Director, VG Garments Ltd.

D. Perry—Chairman, UML Ltd.; Chairman UMC.