HC Deb 27 July 1979 vol 971 cc599-600W

Members (Part-time)

Mr. A. L. C. Humphreys. C.B.E.,(Chairman)—Ex deputy chairman of ICI Limited; Non- executive director of ICL; Connected with ICL and its predecessors since 1940; Freeman of City of London—1973; Cambridge Instrument Co. Ltd.; Data Recording Instrument Co. Ltd.

Sir Ronald Melville, K.C.B.—Retired civil servant; Director of Electronic Components Industry Federation; Director of Electronics Components Board.

Mr. M. G. M. Haines—Partner in Thomson McLintock & Company, Chartered Accountants; Director of Shires Investment Co. Ltd., Wiston Investment Co. Ltd., Housing Corporation Finance Co. Ltd.

Mr. D. W. Hardy—Senior executive director of Ocean Transport and Trading; Director of Agricultural Mortgage Ltd, Globe Investment Trust; Ex-director of Tate & Lyle Group: Director Liverpool & London War Risk Assurance Association; British Institute of Management—Member of Council.

Mr. C. H. Sporborg—Director of Hambros Bank Ltd.; UK Directorships in: Bell & Hylan Ltd., Stal-Laval Ltd., The Racehorse Owners Association, Hellenic & General Trust Ltd., Merchandise & Investment Trust Ltd., M.I.T. Securities Ltd., Overseas Directorships in: Hambro Australia Ltd., Hambro International Management BV., Hambro Pacific Fund Management Ltd., Hambro Pacific Ltd., Hampac Securities Ltd.

Mr. W. R. R. Haines—Ex-director of Plessey Company Ltd.; Directorships in: Cable & Wireless Ltd., Cray Electronics Ltd.

Mr. R. W. Blagbrough—Secretary—Control & Automation Manufacturers Association; Joint Chief Executive—Group of Association of Manufacturers of British Instrumentation Control and Automation; Secretary of Measurement Control & Automation Conference.

Mr. J. R. Mills—Retired civil servant; ex-director: Ministry of Defence.

Mr. E. A. B. Hammond—Executive councillor—Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunication and Plumbing Union; Chairman of Electronic Components Sector working party.