HC Deb 25 July 1979 vol 971 cc326-9W
Mr. Steen

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment what cuts have been made in the urban aid programme for 1979–80, both capital and revenue; if any of these cuts are to be made in the partnership authorities programme or within the designated districts; what funds were given under the urban aid programme in the last three phases to Liver pool, Manchester, Birmingham, New castle, Bradford, Leeds, Leicester, Derby, Bristol, Preston, Halifax, Huddersfield, Portsmouth and Southampton for capital and revenue expenditure; and if he will make a statement on his future plans for the urban aid programme.

Mr. King

Urban programme resources for 1979–80 have been reduced by £7.6 million to some £180 million—1979–80 out-turn prices. These reductions have

£ million Reduction £ million Revised allocation
Liverpool 0.8 12.26
Manchester/Salford 0.8 12.80
Birmingham 0.8 12.94
Newcastle/Gateshead 0.6 8.928
Hackney/Islington 0.7 11.74
Lambeth 0.4 6.66
Docklands 3.5 22.65
7.6 87.978

Allocations are for both capital and revenue expenditure.

Resources allocated for the new projects which were approved under the last three phases of the urban programme in the towns specified in the question are as follows:
£000's 1977–78 (1977 PESC prices) £000's 1978.79 (1978 PESC prices) £000's 1979.80 (1979 PESC prices) Traditional Up Circular, including partnership and programme authority outer areas (1979–80 out-turn prices) Inner Area Allocation
Capital Revenue Capital Revenue Capital Revenue
Liverpool 140 112 [2,500](1) 29 19 [12,260](2)
Manchester 60 [2,500](1) 13 91 [12,80O](2)
Birmingham 115 [2,5001(1) 60 66 [12,940](2)
Newcastle 40 3 [l,820](l) 16 50 [8,928](2)
Bradford 10 21 212 191 Nil Nil [2,475](2)
Leeds 80 7 160 69 25 36 [2,475](2)
Leicester 85 122 198 42 110 74 [2,475](21
Derby 7 11 33 16 26 39 Nil
Bristol Nil Nil 49 34 238 20 Nil
Preston Nil Nil 20 1 69 22 Nil
Halifax (Calderdale) 21 7 32 53 46 19 Nil
Huddersfield (Kirklees) 38 61 90 63 Nil
Portsmouth 38 1 35 29 23 28 Nil
Southamptoi Nil Nil 1 50 7 Nil


(1) With the exception of the figures for partnership and programme authority inner areas for 1979–80, the amounts above do not include expenditure on ongoing commitments incurred under previous phases of the urban programme.

(2) Allocations given are to Liverpool, Manchester/Salford, Birmingham, and Newcastle/Gateshead partnerships for capital and revenue expenditure throughout the district authority areas—1977–78 out-turn prices.

(3) Allocations given are to Liverpool, Manchester/Salford, Birinmgham, and Newcastle/Gateshead partnerships and to Bradford, Leeds and Leicester programme authorities for new and continuing capital and revenue expenditure in their inner areas. Bradford's action programme covers the whole of the district authority area.

Public expenditure programmes are being rigorously sanctioned. Ministers are also reviewing inner city policy, in the light of meetings with local authorities concerned. An announcement will be made as soon as possible.

Mr. Steen

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment how many loans or grants have been made to date under the been made only to the inner city partnership allocations, and are as follows:

Inner Urban Areas Act, detailing each authority which has made such grants or loans and the amount of each loan or grant; and whether it was made for the service industry or manufacturing industries.

Mr. King

Local authorities designated under the Inner Urban Areas Act 1978 may fund any loans or grants they make

Birmingham city £3,990 rent grant to manufacturing industry
Middlesbrough £4,500 grant to service industry
£72,000 loan to manufacturing industry
Newcastle upon Tyne £8,000 loan to manufacturing industry
£40,000 loan to manufacturing industry
£6,300 loan to manufacturing industry
Salford £120,000 loan to manufacturing industry
N. Tyneside £9,500 loan to manufacturing industry
Sheffield £30,000 loan to manufacturing industry