HC Deb 02 July 1979 vol 969 cc387-9W
Mr. Alexander W. Lyon

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department what are the criteria for allocation of grants from the Voluntary Service Unit; and what amounts and to whom grants were allocated in the last financial year.

Mr. Raison

The VSU may assist national organisations or projects whose work spans the interests of several Government Departments or which are not the direct responsibility of any single Department. In exceptional cases it may also support innovatory local projects from which lessons of national relevance can be learned. The following grants were agreed in 1978–79:

Action Resource Centre 13,000
Advisory Council for the Education of Romany and other Travellers 6,500
After Six Housing Advisory Trust 3,000
Albany Trust 15,000
AVEC 3,000
British Association for Counselling 6,000
British Association of Settlements 21,138
British Council for Aid to Refuges 342,918
British Council of Churches (Community Work Resource Unit) 12,700
Brixton Neighbourhood Community Association 43,605
Child Poverty Action Group 5,000
Community Projects Foundation 437,588
Community Service Volunteers 315,880
Community Transport 32,770
Design Resource Association 5,000
Family Day Centre Projects
1. Aide A Toute Detresse 41,278
2. Cambridge House and Talbot 21,334
3. Camden Family Service Unit 12,472
4. Croydon Gingerbread 12,808
5. Defoe Day Centre 35,897
6. Liverpool Personal Service Society 10,690
7. London Voluntary Service Council 34,214
8. Institute of Community Studies 13,790
Fair Play for Children Campaign 27,000
Gamblers Anonymous 500
Gingerbread 14,000
Girls alone in London Service (GALS) 12,000
Govan Resource Centre 40,968
Great George Project (Liverpool) 20,000
Greater Manchester Council for Voluntary Service 7,700
International Voluntary Service 26,000
International Year of the Child 30,500
London Voluntary Services Council (Community Work Resource Unit) 54,036
Melting Pot Foundation 22,616
Merseyside Council for Voluntary Service 7,700
National Association of Community Relations Councils 2,750
National Association for Asian Youth 27,949
National Association of Youth Clubs (Multi-racial Project) 41,000
National Council of Social Service (Community Development Officers) 30,661
National Council of Social Service (Festival Welfare Services) 7,500
National Playing Fields Association 50,000
National Youth Bureau:—
(National Association of Young and People's Counselling and Advisory Services 10,841
(Young Volunteers Resources Unit) 54,500
Newham Community Renewal Programme 26,700
Newham Homeless Young People's Project 16,750
Northern Association for Community Care 35,000
Onward Industries (NACRO) 44,000
Outset 15,550
Pre-retirement Association 5,826
Princedale Trust (Release) 42,000
Returned Volunteer Action 4,750
Romany Guild 2,625
Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation 8,500
Runnymede Trust 13,000
Scoutreach Nottingham 7,000
South Wales Anti-Poverty Action Committee 55,320
Student Community Action Resources Project 14,898
Task Force 55,258
Volunteer Centre 265,600
Media Project (Volunteer Centre) 18,750
Wales Playing Fields Association 8,600
West End Co-ordinated Voluntary Services 63,500
TOTAL 1978–79 £2,637,430

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