HC Deb 05 December 1979 vol 975 c273W
Mr. Ernie Ross

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services what is the current net spending power of a family on average income (a) with two children under 11 years and (b) with two children under 16 years, taking account of all welfare benefits at current prices; and

Gross income Net income
Assumed composition of family In 1964 In 1964 in terms of 1979 prices In 1979 In 1964 In 1964 in terms of 1979 prices In 1979
(a) Married couple with two children under age 11 18.42 76.43 101.07 16.65 69.09 78.28
(b) Married couple with two children over age 11 but under age 16 18.42 76.43 101.07 16.94 70.29 78.28
1. The figures refer to September 1964 and September 1979, the latest date for which figures are available.
2. "Gross income" is made up of gross average earnings plus family allowances or child benefit. Gross average earnings are the October inquiry estimates of the average weekly earnings of full-time adult male manual workers aged 21 and over, using the Department of Employment's seasonally adjusted index of average earnings (older series) for interpolation.
3. "Net income" is the gross income less tax and national insurance contributions at the not contracted-out rate. No account is taken of housing or work expenses.
4. There is no entitlement to means-tested benefits at these levels.