HC Deb 04 December 1979 vol 975 cc135-7W
Mr. McNamara

asked the Minister of Transport whether he will list in the Official Report those publicly-owned toll bridges and tunnels in England over or under river estuaries, showing for the past 10 years the toll for each class of vehicle, the accumulated capital debt and annual running costs of each tunnel and bridge for each of the past 10 years and the

Accumulated capital debt Total annual running costs
1968–69 £14,966,160 £1,186,493
1969–70 £15,286,072 £1,258,794
1970–71 £15,616,717 £1,312,898
1971–72 £15,905,484 £1,408,946
1972–73 £16,171,126 £1,404,448
1973–74 £16,920,346 £1,596,997
1974–75 £17,942,264 £1,811,227
1975–76 £19,660,716 £2,339,719
1976–77 £21,132,792 £2,686,082
1977–78 £23,701,320 £3,165,399
1978–79 Not available Not available

If traffic flows remained at their 1979 levels and inflation declined to a long term rate of 5 per cent. tolls would have to be increased to about 27p for cars and 54p for lorries, to clear the accumulated debt within the orginally agreed debt

Motor cycles Motor cars Goods vehicles Buses and coaches
Dartford tunnel 15p 35p(70p with caravan or trailer) 35p for up to 30 cwt unladen weight 35p not exceeding 14 seats
55p for over 30 cwt unladen weight 55p not exceeding 28 seats
85p for vehicles with more than 2 axles 85p exceeding 28 seats
Mersey tunnels 15p 30p 30p for up to 3 tons unladen weight 70p
70p for over 3 tons unladen weight
Tyne tunnel 10p 20p 20p for up to 30 cwt unladen weight 20p not exceeding 14 seats
50p for over 30 cwt unladen weight 50p exceeding 14seats
Tamar bridge* 10p 30p 30p for unladen weight not exceeding 25 cwt 30p for vehicles licensed to carry 8 people
40p for over 25 cwt but not exceeding 2 tons unladen weight £1.40 for vehicles licensed to carry more than 8 people
80p for laden weight exceeding 2 tons but not exceeding 7 tons unladen weight
£1.40 for unladen weight exceeding 7 tons
* Tolls levied in one direction only—i.e. from Cornwall to Plymouth

amount by which tolls, at current prices and assuming constant traffic flows, must be increased to pay off the accumulated debt over the originally agreed debt period.

Mr. Fowler

The only tolled crossing for which I am responsible is the Severn bridge. Toll charges were 5p for motor cycles and 12½p for all other vehicles from its opening in 1966 until 1973. From 1973 until August 1979 toll charges were 5p for motorcycles and 12p for all other vehicles. Since 29 August 1979 toll charges have been 10p for motorcycles, 20p for cars and other vehicles not exceeding 30 cwt.—unladen weight—and 40p for all other vehicles.

The following table shows the accumulated capital debts and annual running costs:

period. It is my policy to raise tolls as necessary to do so.

Other tolled estuarial crossings are the responsibility of the appropriate authorities. The latest authorised tolls are, however, as follows:

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