HC Deb 05 July 1978 vol 953 cc213-5W

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will state in the Official Report when the appointment of each member of each regional water authority will be due for renewal or termination; and what proposals he has for changing the composition of the authority in each case.

Mr.Denis Howell

Members are appointed to regional water authorities by the Secretary of State for the Environment, by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and by the local authorities in each water authority area.

The list below shows the dates of expiry of the terms of office of all present ministerial appointees.

My right hon. Friend will be considering, towards the end of the year, what changes may be required in the membership of the authorities in the light of the appointments expiring at that time.

Date of expiration of appointment
Anglian Water Authority
Mr. R. A. J. Bennett 31.12.78
Mr. W. H. Mulley 31.12.78
Mr. G. D. Rollinson 31.12.78
Dr. J. R. G. Bradfield 31.12.79
Mr. E. E. Hackney 31.12.79
Canon R. O. Jennings 31.12.79
Dr. S. W. Kingsnorth 31.12.79
Mrs. S. F. Stern 31.12.79
Mr. S. C. Johnson 31.12.80
Mr. N. A. Pearce 31.12.80
Mrs. S. Tamlyn 31.12.80
Mrs. J. M. Thomas 31.12.80

North West Water Authority
Mr. B. Entwistle 31.12.78
Mr. R. A. Parkin 31.12.78
Mr. J. A. Foster 31.12.79
Mr. D. H. C. McAuslan 31.12.79
Mr. A. Richardson 31.12.79
Mr. P. W. Smith 31.12.79
Mr. R. E. Weston 31.12.79
Mrs. D. Wilson 31.12.79
Mr. J. A. Cropper 31.12.80
Northumbrian Water Authority
Mr. F. J. Mavin 31.12.78
Mr. A. G. McLellan 31.12.78
Mrs. E. W. Mitchell 31.12.78
Mr. W. Rickelton 31.12.79
Mr. P. J. Davis 31.12.80
Mr. E. S. J. Standen 31.12.80

Date of expiration of appointment
Severn-Trent Water Authority
Mr. J. O. Grieves 31.12.78
Mrs. E. Sadler 31.12.78
Mrs. H. P. Waudby 31.12.78
Mr. E. J. Franklin 31.12.79
Prof. M. J. Hamlin 31.12.79
Mr. D. Hutchings 31.12.79
Mrs. F. Johnson 31.12.79
Mr. B. C. Jones 31.12.79
Mrs. D. Moye 31.12.79
Mr. W. J. Olner 31.12.79
Mr. T. Rees-Jones 31.12.79
Mr. I. J. Wallace 31.12.79
Mr. J. S. Betteridge 31.12.80
Mr. W. E. Jarvis 31.12.80
Mr. F. Stephenson 31.12.80
*Mr. P. L. Marriott 31. 5.80
* (Welsh Water Authority member appointed by the Secretary of State for Wales.)

Southern Water Authority
Mr. J. S. Meadows 31.12.78
Mr. D. S. Richardson 31.12.78
Mrs. A. Ashworth 31.12.79
Mr. E. J. Pipe 31.12.79
Mr. D. C. S. Pascall 31.12.80
The Lord Plant of Benenden 31.12.80
South-West Water Authority
Mrs. W. E. Wills 31.12.78
Mr. T. C. Caylor 31.12.79
Mr. F. J. Ridd-Jones 31.12.79
Mr. A. F. Payne 31.12.80

Date of expiration of appointment
Thames Water Authority
Mr. R. H. Bristow 31.12.78
Mr. M. Metcalf 31.12.78
Mr. T. W. Newson 31.12.78
Mr. N. N. B. Ordman 31.12.78
Mr. P. D. Bromley 31.12.79
Sir John Hanbury 31.12.79
Mr. J. S. Hughes 31.12.79
Dr. A. M. Young 31.12.79
Mr. A. C. Darlow 31.12.80
Mr. J. A. French 31.12.80
Mr. J. R. Pearce 31.12.80
Mr. D. B. F. Wenham 31.12.80
Mr. R. T. Whiteley 31.12.80
Mr. G. Edwards 31.12.80

Mr. D. J. Allen 31.12.80
Mrs. P. Brown 31.12.80
Wessex Water Authority
Col. H. A. Hare 31.12.78
Mr. F. W. Cole 31.12.79
Mr. W. P. Johns 31.12.79
Mr. N. W. Palmer 31.12.80
Yorkshire Water Authority
Dr. M. Iqbal 31.12.78
Mrs. E. M. Lawton 31.12.78
Mr. T. Enderby 31.12.79
Mr. K. M. Lazenby 31.12.79
Mr. H. G. Masterson 31.12.79
Dr. E. R. Clark 31.12.80
Mr. G. F. Kitchen 31.12.80

Date of expiration of appointment
Anglian Water Authority
Mr. D. G. Bullard 30.9.81
Mr. J. H. M. Norris 30.0.81
Mr. J. L. Roughton 30.9.81
Mr. P. H. Tombleson 30.9.81
North-West Water Authority
Mr. T. A. F. Barnes 30.9.81
Mr. T. M. Farrer 30.9.81
Mr. A. Jones 30.9.81
Northumberland Water Authority
Mr. T. J. Brannon 30.9.81
Mr. E. A. Wrangham 30.9.81
Severn-Trent Water Authority
Mr. G. W. Hart 30.9.81
Mr. C. G. Hawthorne 30.9.81
Mr. J. U Huges 30.9.81
Mr. G. D. Rollinson 30.9.81
Southern Water Authority
Mr. P. Langmead 30.9.81
Mr. J. M. Williams 30.9.81
South-West Water Authority
Mr. G. C. Manning 30.9.81
Mr. D. Mitchell 30.9.81
Wessex Water Authority
Mr. R. H. Baker 30.9.81
Major J. M. Mills 30.9.81
Yorkshire Water Authority
Mr. G. Copley 30.9.81
Major A. T. Bourne-Arton 30.9.81
Mr. J. P. Coverdale 30.9.81
Thames Water Authority
Mr. R. E. Thornton 30.9.81
Mr. M. Davies 30.9.81
Mr. D. A. Harman 30.9.81
Mr. L. Fisher 30.9.81