HC Deb 03 July 1978 vol 953 cc16-8W
Mr. Madden

asked the Minister or the Civil Service (1) what obligations there are on civil servants to declare shareholdings, directorships and other business interests held by their spouses, especially where those interests are directly relevant to the official duties of the civil servant; and if he considers such a register of business interests to be necessary;

(2) what rules govern the holding of shares, or other financial interests, by spouses of civil servants; and if there are any particular rules applying to the spouses of civil servants engaged in duties relating to the issuing of public financial assistance to private companies.

Mr. Charles R. Morris

It is a fundamental principle of the rules which govern these matters in the Civil Service that civil servants must not subordinate their duty to their private interests, neither are they to put themselves in a position where their duty and their private interests conflict, and they must not make use of their official position to further those interests. Moreover, an officer who comes into official contact with any matter concerning a business organisation in which he has an interest must disclose his interest to his Department. Subject to this, there are no specific restrictions on the outside business interests of civil servants. It is the implicit and well understood assumption that private interests may include those of a spouse The rules which are especially relevant are at paragraphs 9870, 9874 and 9876 of the Civil Service Pay and Conditions of Service Code, a copy of which is in the Library. Given the clear requirement to disclose interests, I see no need for a general register of inter-

Department Press Television Radio Cinema Posters
£ £ £ £ £
Ministry of Defence 2,892,000 1,250,500 5,800 3,000 119,600
Department of Education and Science 22,000
Department of Employment 342,900 1,200
Department of the Environment 962,100 1,630,900 15,200 31,800 293,200
Department of Health and Social Security 597,000 146,100 83,200 7,900
Home Office 977,100 427,500 10,800
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications 11,000 119,000
Scottish Office 157,000 258,000
Department of Trade and Industry 1,180,400 1,734,200 17,300
Treasury 71,600
Welsh Office 4,600
Civil Service Department (Counter-Inflation Publicity Unit) 2,900
Ministry of Defence 2,873,900 1,313,300 7,000 4,100 12,900
Department of Education and Science 23,200
Department of Employment 741,100 13,500 9,500
Department of Energy 402,100 1,019,900
Department of the Environment 506,200 1,785,400 15,800 300,800
Department of Health and Social Security 646,800 80,600 2,000 102,200 17,700
Home Office 994,300 558,700 2,200
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications 1,900
Scottish Office 135,000 199,000 4,000
Department of Trade and Industry 508,400 6,600
Welsh Office 2,800

ests. No rules have been laid down centrally which apply solely to those engaged in financial assistance to industry, but each Department is responsible for issuing a departmental rulebook which applies the general rules to its own staff.

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