HC Deb 23 February 1978 vol 944 cc759-60W
Mr. Whitehead

asked the Secretary of State for Prices and Consumer Protection if he will make a statement on the outcome of his discussion with the managing director of Trellis Scott Limited.

Mr. John Fraser

Mr. S. V. Dunstan, managing director of Trellis Scott Ltd., came to see me recently. I conveyed to him the concern and anxiety which had been expressed by hon. Members, the Welsh Consumer Council and others about certain aspects of the lease offered to licensees at the Dinas Country Club and Caravan Park in Dyfed and, in particular, the short notice given to licensees as to whether to accept the terms of the lease. Mr. Dunstan assured me that:

  1. (a) caravan owners who do not intend to accept the offer of a lease, and who have evidence of having paid rent until 31st March 1978, can keep their caravans at the site until that date. In the case of caravan owners who have already removed their caravans from the site, Trellis Scott Ltd. will seek a refund from the previous owners of the site of any rent paid for the period 1st January to 31st March 1978;
  2. (b) a legally binding undertaking will be given in a letter to lessees that the upgrading of amenities on the site will be carried out; that is reconstruction of a heated swimming pool, site shop, club extension and tree planting scheme;
  3. (c) caravan owners at Dinas not wanting to buy a lease can sell their caravan up to 15th March, provided it is in reasonable condition, without paying commission to Trellis Scott Ltd., to anyone wishing to take up a lease with the company. Leases granted on the introduction of an existing licensee will be at the reduced premium offered directly to that licensee;
  4. (d) in the case of there being any legally enforceable agreements providing for 10 years' security of tenure by the previous owners of the Dinas site, Trellis Scott Ltd. will honour such agreements and seek compensation from the previous owners;
  5. (e) caravan owners on any new site purchased by Mr. Dunstan or his companies will be given the option either of buying a lease at a specified price, or a short lease for three years at a nominal fee plus the interest on the loan the company must secure to finance the plot for those three years. Maintenance charges and annual rent will also be payable in each of the three years. At the end of that time licensees will be given the option of buying the lease at the original offer price;
  6. (f) special consideration will be given to any case of real need or discernible hardship on the Dinas or Whiteford Bay sites.

I will keep the matter under review.