HC Deb 06 December 1978 vol 959 cc717-8W
Mr. Wigley

asked the Secretary of State for Wales what proportion of the total needs element of the rate support grant distributed to counties in Wales and England has been allocated to Gwynedd in each year from 1974-75 to 1979-80 inclusive.

Needs element to Non.Metropolitan Counties Total needs element England and Wales Needs element Percentage of Non.Metropolitan Counties Percentage of England and Wales Total
£ million £ million £ million
1974–75 1,642.4 2,853.9 15.41 0.938 0.540
1975–76 1,999.2 3,485.9 18.69 0.935 0.536
1976–77 2,113.4 3,813.1 20.25 0.958 0.531
1977–78 2,137.1 3,973.9 21.20 0.992 0.533
1978–79 2,230.4 4,298.7 21.58 0.968 0.502
1979–80 2,414.4 4,678.0 22.79 0.944 0.487
Note: The above table is based on actual final allocations of needs element up to 1976–77 and estimated final allocations for the remaining years.

programmes announced for Wales since January 1977; how many of the factories in each of these programmes for Gwynedd have been (a) let, (b) provisionally allocated and (c) completed but not let or allocated; how many are still in the process of construction; and how many not yet started.

Mr. John Morris:

Following is the information:

Mr. Alec Jones:

The needs element of the rate support grant is distributed to non-metropolitan counties and to the metropolitan districts in England and Wales. The proportions allocated to Gwynedd are shown in the following table.