HL Deb 06 December 1978 vol 397 cc261-2WA

asked Her Majesty's Government:

How many patients suffering from multiple sclerosis have been prescribed Naudicelle; what is the cost of the treatment; how many have benefited from it; whether it is available under the National Health Service and, if not, when will it be available.


There is no central register of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis nor is any central record kept of how many such patients have had Naudicelle prescribed for them. I regret, therefore, that no information is available as to how many patients may have benefited from taking this preparation. I am advised that the dosage requirement recommended by the manu- Whether they will state the highest number of unfilled vacancies in the South East Region and the London Region for each of the following years: (i) 1968; (ii) 1972; (iii) 1973; and (iv) 1977.


Statistics of unfilled vacancies an: available separately for employment offices and careers offices and, because of possible duplication, the two series should not be added together. In the following table, the numbers of unfilled vacancies are given for the month in each of the years specified in which vacancies were highest at employment offices. The numbers at careers offices are also shown.

facturers, namely 6 to 8 tablets a day, would cost some £10 to £12.50 for 28 days' treatment.

An independent body of professional advisers, the Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances, has recommended that there is insufficient evidence to justify regarding dietary supplements containing linoleic acid or its derivatives, such as Naudicelle, as having a therapeutic effect in the management of multiple sclerosis. Hospital doctors may prescribe dietary supplements, including Naudicelle, for their patients. Family doctors, however, are not allowed to prescribe foods for their patients at National Health Service expense, and accordingly any prescriptions by them for such dietary supplements are likely to be challenged.

When fresh scientific evidence appears about dietary supplement in relation to multiple sclerosis it will of course be placed before the Advisory Committee without delay.