HC Deb 12 April 1978 vol 947 cc428-9W
Mr. David Hunt

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services how many questionnaires, statistical inquiries or investigations have been carried out, either wholly or partly at public expense, on behalf of or by his Department or by any public bodies for which he is responsible in 1976, 1977 and in 1978 to date, specifying their nature and purpose and their estimated total cost.

Mr. Deakins

The following 30 surveys were referred to the Survey Control Unit of the Central Statistical Office by my Department in 1977 and in 1978 to date:

  1. 1. Cerebral palsy and spina bifida survey—ordinary school teachers.
  2. 2. Cerebral palsy and spina bifida survey—teenagers.
  3. 3. Cerebral palsy and spina bifida survey—special school teachers.
  4. 4. Cerebral palsy and spina bifida survey—parents.
  5. 5. Alternative patterns of care for the elderly.
  6. 6. School girl mothers.
  7. 7. Evaluation of developmental screening for one year olds.
  8. 8. Careers of women in medicine.
  9. 9. An investigation into social support services.
  10. 10. Adolescents experiences of coping/non coping with problems.
  11. 11. Research project into falls of old people.
  12. 12. Study mobility allowance beneficiaries.
  13. 13. Communication problems of hearing impaired people at work.
  14. 14 Study of birth control and abortion services—clinic patients.
  15. 15. Intercountry adoption.
  16. 16. Evaluation of the schemes for the education of male midwives.
  17. 17. Evaluation of the HASSA chemical toilet for the handicapped.
  18. 18. Lambeth health survey—screening.
  19. 19. Role of a centre in assisting wives with violent husbands.
  20. 20. Cohort study of the unemployed.
  21. 21. Community response to marital violence—solicitors.
  22. 22. Resource worker study.
  23. 23. Family doctor survey.
  24. 24. Study of infant feeding in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
  25. 25. Role and function of geriatric day hospitals—patients.
  26. 26. Role and function of geriatric day hospitals—relatives.
  27. 27. Role and function of geriatric day hospitals—ambulance drivers.
  28. 28. Interaction between social workers in child care.
  29. 29. Incomes and expenditure of families with handicapped children.
  30. 30. Battered women in the refuge.

In addition to the surveys listed in my hon. Friend's reply to the hon. Member on 16th December 1976, a further survey covering uses of day centres was also referred in 1976.—[Vo. 922, c. 820–2.]

In general, surveys sponsored in whole or in part by the Department but undertaken by other Government Departments or surveys undertaken or sponsored by National Health Service authorities are excluded from the list.

I regret that further information could be supplied only at disproportionate expense.

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