HC Deb 11 November 1977 vol 938 cc256-7W
Mr. Onslow

asked the Secretary of State for Defence what have been the changes in the real value of the basic pay of, respectively, a lieutenant-colonel, a captain, a second lieutenant, a sergeant, a corporal and a private soldier serving with a Regular infantry regiment during the period November 1974 to date; and how this compares with the situation of established members of the Civil Service

Rank 1974 Pay£ 1977 Pay(at 1974price levels)£ Percentage change
Lieutenant-Colonel with 4 years in rank 107.24 87.36 -18.54
Captain with 6 years in rank 68.53 60.75 -11.35
Second Lieutenant 39.27 35.97 -8.40
Sergeant, Scale B, Band 5 48.37 43.31 -10.46
Corporal, Class I, Scale B, Band 2 44.10 40.36 -8.43
Private, Class I, Scale B, Band 2 35.84 32.72 8.71
Corresponding figures for established members of the civil Service who were on the nearest equivalent salary levels in 1974 are as follows:

Grade 1974 Pay£ 1977 Pay(at 1974 price levels)£ Percentage change
Principal with 6 years in grade 105.36 87.85 -16.62
Higher Executive Officer (maximum) 68.67 59.80 -12.92
Executive Officer (Highest age point plus 2 increments) 39.56 36.89 -6.75
Executive Officer (Highest age point plus 7 increments) 48.79 45.13 -7.50
Executive Officer (minimum plus 4 increments) 44.08 40.38 -8.39
Clerical Officer (maximum) 36.07 34.30 -4.91

In 1976 and 1977 pay increases for both the Armed Forces and the Civil Service were the maximum permitted under the pay policies then operating and thus had precisely the same effect on equivalent military and Civil Service salaries. The small variations in percentage changes for the two categories result from the 1975 Pay Reviews: these reflected movements in pay of the appropriate analogues, which are of course different for the Armed Forces and for the Civil Service.

In both the above tables 1977 rates have been expressed in 1974 terms by dividing the actual rates by the ratio of the general retail price indices as published in theDepartment of Employment Gazettefor September 1977 and September 1974 (viz. 185.7/111.0=1.673)

The 1974 figures exclude the cost of living allowances which were consolidated into basic pay in 1975.

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