HC Deb 14 March 1977 vol 928 cc37-9W
Mr. George Cunningham

asked the Attorney-General if he will list all the offences which may be only prosecuted with his consent and with the consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions, respectively.

The Attorney-General

, pursuant to his reply 31st January 1977, [Official Report, Vol. 925, c. 10], gave the following information:

Statutes requiring the Fiat or Consent of the Attorney-General before proceedings are instituted or continued


Agricultural Credits Act 1928 S.10(3)

Publication of agricultural charges

Agricultural Land (Removal of Surface Soil) Act, 1953 S.3

Offences against the Act

Auctions (Bidding Agreements) Act 1927 S.1

Illegal bidding agreements

Biological Weapons Act 1974 S.2(1)

Offences under Section 1 of the Act

Cancer Act 1939 S.4(b)

Prohibition of certain advertisements

Children and Young Persons (Harmful Publications) Act 1955

Printing, publishing, selling etc., of books, magazines etc., which would tend to corrupt children and young persons.

Coinage Offences Act 1936 S.4(3)

Uttering defaced coins

Counter Inflation Act 1973 S.17(9)

Offences against the Act

Criminal Justice Act 1967 S.3(6)

Reports of committal proceedings

Customs and Excise Act 1952 S.281(1)(3)

Offences against the Customs and Excise Acts by order and in the name of a Law Officer in any case in which he thinks it proper that proceedings should be so instituted


Certain summary proceedings

Explosive Substances Act 1883

Explosives likely to endanger life or cause injury to property

Genocide Act 1969

Sec. 1(3) Proceedings for an offence of genocide

Highways Act 1959 S.271

Proceedings for an offence against the Act or byelaws require the written consent of the Attorney-General, except proceedings by persons aggrieved, or local authority concerned

Housing Act 1957 S.85(1)

Offences by local authorities against Part IV of the Act

Hijacking Act 1971 S.5(1)

Offences against the Act

Law of Property Act 1925 S.183(4)

Fraudulent concealment of documents and falsification of pedigrees

Legal Aid Act 1974 S.22(4)

Improper disclosure of information relating to the seeking or receiving of advice, assistance or legal aid

Magistrates' Courts Act 1952 S.58

Newspaper reports of domestic proceedings

Marine Insurance (Gambling Policies) Act 1909 S.1(3)

Offences against the Act

Mines and Quarries Act 1954 S.164

Offences by certain persons against the Act (see S.155(1)(a))

Newspaper Printers and Reading Room Repeal Act 1869

Printing, publishing or dispersing papers which do not bear the printer's name and address, or assisting in so doing

Official Secrets Act 1911 and 1920

All cases.

Prevention of Corruption Acts 1906 and 1916 Bribery and corruption, including bribes to police officers.

Prevention of Oil Pollution Act 1971 S. 19(1)(a)

Offences against the Act.

Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act 1976

Offences against Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the Act.

Protection of Aircraft Act 1973 S. 4(2)

Offences against Part 1 of the Act.

Public Bodies (Corrupt Practices) Act 1889

Bribing of members and officers of public bodies.

Public Health Act 1936 S. 298

Offences against the Act (except proceedings by certain persons).

Public Order Act 1936 Secs. 1 & 2

Political uniforms and quasi-military organisations.

Public Utilities Street Works Act 1950 S. 30(2)

Proceedings under the Act, except by certain persons.

Race Relations Act 1965 S. 6

Incitement to racial hatred.

Rivers (Prevention of Pollution) Act 1961 S. 11

Rivers (Prevention of Pollution) Act 1951.

Offences against the Act or the 1951 Act.

Solicitors Act 1974 S. 20(2)(C)

Action by Law Society against unqualified person acting as a solicitor.

S. 42(2)

Proceedings against solicitor failing to disclose fact of having been struck off or suspended—within 6 months of discovery by the prosecutor.

Shipping Contracts & Commercial Documents Act 1964 S. 3.

Offences against the Act.

Theatres Act 1968 S. 8

Offences under Sec. 2, 5 or 6 of the Act, or an offence at common law committed by the publication of defamatory matter in the course of a performance of a play.