HC Deb 23 June 1977 vol 933 cc478-80W
Mr. Charles Irving

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services what was the total amount of grants provided by his Department to voluntary organisations under Section 64 of the Health Services and Public Health Act 1968 during the financial year 1976–77; to which voluntary organisations allocations were made during that year, naming the amount allocated by grant per organisation; what is the department's estimate of the total amount of grants to be provided to voluntary organisations under the same section in the current financial year; and by what criteria the Department allocates grants under this section to voluntary organisations.

Mr. Moyle

My right hon. Friend has power, under Section 64 of the Health Services and Public Health Act 1968, to make grants to voluntary organisations providing a health or a social service which he may provide, promote or publicise. Grants are normally made towards the headquarter costs of national organisations or for innovatory projects of national interest. Each application is judged on its merits in the light of departmental policy and objectives and the availability of resources. Local bodies or projects may be assisted by local authorities under Section 65 of the Act, or by health authorities by powers devolved under Section 64 of the Act.

£5 million has been provided for grants under Section 64 in 1977–78. Grants made in 1976–77 totalled £2,758,104 and were made to the following organisations:

Action on Smoking and Health 31,000
Adoption Resource Exchange 25,319
Age Concern 96,000
Alcohol Education Centre 40,000
Alcohol Hostels (Capital and Revenue) 458,916
Alcoholics Recovery Project 18,500
Association British Adoption and Fostering Agencies 40,500
Association Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus 6,750
Avon Council on Alcoholism 1,878
Break (Holiday Homes for Handicapped Children) 7,000
Breakthrough Trust 5,000
British Association Hard of Hearing 6,000
British & Foreign Bible Association 300
British Deaf Association 18,850
British Epilepsy Association 20,000
British Red Cross 1,000
Calibre 2,000
CARE 2,000
Catholic Marriage Advisory Council 25,558
Central Council for the Disabled and BCRD 90,000
Centre on Environment for Handicapped 10,000
CHAR (Campaign for Homeless and Rootless) 15,000
Christian Action 8,000
Church House Trust 5,000
National Council Voluntary Child Care Organisations 7,085
National Elfrida Rathbone Society 4,000
National Foster Care Association 12,582
National Library for the Blind 6,000
National Listening Library 12,500
National Schizophenia Fellowship 17,500
National Women's Aid Federation 26,339
National Youth Bureau 10,300
NSPCC 102,743
Commonwealth Medical Advisory Bureau 1,250
Commonwealth Students Children's Association 26,000
Community Service Volunteers—Hospital Placements 7,000
—Child Care Programmes 19,000
Crossroads Care Attendant Scheme 5,000
Cyrenians 28,000
Disabled Living Foundation 80,780
Disablement Income Group 5,000
Dr. Barnado's Homes 3,700
Elizabeth Fitzroy Trust 3,000
Employment Fellowship 5,000
Family Planning Assn. 10,000
Family Service Units 45,000
Family Welfare Assn. 55,500
FARE 5,876
Guideposts Trust 7,500
Handcrafts Advisory Assoc. for Disabled 6,775
Helping Hand Organisation 24,000
Independant Adoption Society 3,250
Institute for the Study of Drug Dependence 35,000
Institute of Mental Subnormality 12,000
Institute Research into Mental and Multiple Handicap 5,750
International Social Service 14,000
International Voluntary Service 7,750
International Voluntary Service 10,000
Joint Committee Mobility for the Disabled 560
Kenward Trust 4,000
Lifeline Trust 856
London Youth Advisory Centre 5,700
Mastectomy Association 1,000
Medical Council on Alcoholism 19,000
Mental Health Film Council 5,000
Migraine Trust 10,000
Nacro-Lance (Manchester) 59,371
National Assn. Deaf/Blind and Rubella Handicapped 4,000
National Assn. Leagues of Hospital Friends 4,000
National Assn. for Mental Health 140,000
National Assn. of Boys Clubs 7,000
National Assn. of Toy Libraries 1,650
National Assn. of Voluntary Hostels 2,150
National Assn. Welfare of Children in Hospital 11,250
National Children's Bureau 27,000
National Children's Home 6,875
National Council on Alcoholism 71,000
National Council One Parent Families 55,000
North Regional Assn. for Blind 17,628
One to One 1,250
Patients Association 4,000
Parents for Children 16,750
Peter Bedford Project 1,878
Possum Users Association 3,750
Pre-School Playgroups Assn 154,434
Priests of the Assumption (Nottingham Day Centre) 2,350
Projects for Blind 4,000
ROMA (Rehabilitation of Metropolitan Addicts) 15,000
Royal National Institute for Blind 150,000
Salvation Army 17,000
Samaritans 33,000
Save the Children Fund 12,167
School for Study of Disorders of Human Communication 5,000
SESAME 4,500
Shilhay Community (Exeter) 3,827
Social Welfare Commission 4,500
Soft Drugs Crisis Centre 2,500
Southern & Western Regional Association for the Blind 43,447
Standing Conference on Drug Abuse (SCODA) 27,500
St. Botolph's Walk in Centre 3,000
St. Dismas Resource Centre 4,600
St. John's Ambulance 28,000
Surrey Community Development Trust 4,000
Toy Libraries Association 10,500
Voluntary Council for Handicapped Children 15,500
Voluntary Liaison Committee for Underfives (Lady Plowden's Group) 1,178
Westminster Pastoral Foundation 7,500
Winged Fellowship Trust 4,000
Women's Aid (Chiswick) 31,000
Women's National Cancer Control Campaign 29,000
WRVS 5,500
Miscellaneous 94,682