HC Deb 27 July 1977 vol 936 cc366-9W
Mr. David Watkins

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will list all Acts of Parliament for which his Department is responsible that require companies to disclose information, stating under each Act what information has to be disclosed, how, by when, and to whom.

Mr. John Silkin

The information requested is given in the table below:

Act Nature of information How disclosed By when To whom
Sea Fish Industry Act 1970. Prescribed records required by the Authority for the discharge of its functions. On receipt of notice from White Fish Authority. White Fish Authority or to an officer authorised by them.
Plant Varieties and Seeds Act 1964. (i) Relevant details of all transactions in seeds including processing and movement. Retention of records for inspection and copying upon request. As appropriate. Authorised Officer of the Minister.
(ii) Sales of seeds below the prescribed standards. By letter or return. Month following sales. The Minister.
The Agricultural Credits Act 1928. The Agricultural Mortgage Corporation is required to supply to the Minister copies of balance sheets and profit and loss accounts. Annually. The Minister.
Agricultural Wages Act 1948. Details of wages and employment records of workers employed in agriculture in England and Wales. By production of wages sheets or other records. When so required after reasonable notice. An officer appointed by the Minister.
Rent (Agriculture) Act 1976. Information concerning housing accommodation on, or held in connection with, or used for the land concerned in England and Wales. By notice. Not less than four weeks from the service of the notice. The Minister in the case of Agricultural Land; Forestry Commissioners in the case of Forestry Land.
Statistics of Trade Act 1947*. (i) Livestock slaughterings. Returns by slaughterhouse operators. Weekly, monthly or quarterly according to size of output. The Minister.
(ii) Bacon and ham production/ Imports. Returns by curers. Weekly. The Minister.
(iii) Cereal products and animal feedingstuffs production, usage, stocks, import/export commitments. Returns by processors/importers. Weekly, monthly or annually depending on activity and size of output. The Minister.
(iv) Fruit and vegetable purchases for processing. Return by processors. Quarterly. The Minister.
(v) Hatching eggs, production and marketing. Returns by hatcheries. Monthly. The Minister.
(vi) Receipts, stocks and usage of distillers' grains. Returns by distillers. Monthly. The Minister.
(vii) Quantities of oils produced from vegetable oil seeds. Returns by crushers. Monthly. The Minister.
(viii) Quantities produced of refined vegetable and marine oils, animal fats. Returns by refiners. Monthly. The Minister.
(ix) Quantities of margarines, compound fats produced. Returns by manufacturers. Monthly. The Minister.
(x) Wine stocks held at 31st August. Returns by wholesalers and growers. Annually. The Minister.

Act Nature of information How disclosed By when To whom
Corn Returns Act 1882 (as amended). Purchases by wholesale of British corn in an area for the time being prescribed. Corn returns form. Weekly. Home Grown Cereals Authority as agents for the Minister.
Agriculture Act 1947 (as amended). Information prescribed in section 78. Agricultural census return form. As specified by Notice. The Minister.
Sugar Act 1956. Such estimates, returns, accounts and other information relating to the business of the British Sugar Corporation. As required. The Minister.
*MAFF is not responsible for this Act but collects information as detailed under its authority.