HC Deb 20 January 1977 vol 924 cc319-21W

Weights to be used in 1976

The weights for the General Index of Retail Prices are brought up-to-date each year on the basis of information obtained from the Family Expenditure Survey. Following the recommendation of the Retail Prices Index Advisory Committee* in February 1975, the information relates, as a general rule, to the expenditure of "Index" households† for the latest 12 month period for which data are available. The latest information, which is for the year ended June 1975, was published in an article in the January 1976 issue of the Gazette and the weighting pattern derived from it will be used in calculating the General Index from February 1976 to January 1977. The expenditure was first re-Valued to January 1976 prices before the weights were calculated. The few exceptions to the general rules applying to the calculation of the weights were explained in the article (page 30).

The weights to be used in 1976 are as follows:

Bread 11
Flour 1
Other cereals 4
Biscuits 6
Cakes, buns, pastries, etc 6
Beef 18
Mutton and lamb 7
Pork 6
Bacon 8
Ham (cooked) 3
Sausages, pies, canned meat and other meat and other products, offal and poultry 19
Fish, fresh, dried, canned, etc. 7
Butter 5
Margarine 2
Lard and other cooking fats 2
Cheese 5
Eggs 5
Milk, fresh 19
Milk, canned, dried, etc. 3
Tea 3
Coffee, cocoa, proprietary drinks 2
Soft drinks 5
Sugar 4
Jam, marmalade and syrup 2
Potatoes 16
Tomatoes, other fresh vegetables and canned, frozen, etc. vegetables 15
Fruit, fresh, canned, dried etc. 11
Sweets and chocolates 13
Ice cream 3
Other foods 12
Food for animals 5
Total, Food 228
Alcoholic Drink
Beer, etc 46
Spirits, wines, etc. 35
Total, Alcoholic drink 81
Cigarettes 42
Tobacco 4
Total, Tobacco 46
Rent 29
Owner-occupiers' mortgage interest payment 24
Owner-occupiers' dwelling insurance premiums and ground rent 2
Rates and water charges 35
Charges for repairs, maintenance, etc 8
Materials for home repairs, decorations, etc. 14
Total, Housing 112
Fuel and Light
Coal 8
Coke 2
Gas 15
Electricity 27
Oil and other fuel and light 4
Total Fuel and light 56
Durable Household Goods
Furniture 14
Radio, television, etc. 13
Other household appliances 20
Floor coverings 10
Soft furnishings 8
Chinaware, glassware, etc. 2
Hardware, ironmongery, etc. 8
Total, Durable household goods 75
Clothing and Footwear
Men's outer clothing 16
Men's underclothing 5
Women's outer clothing 24
Women's underclothing 4
Children's outer clothing 9
Children's underclothing 2
Hose 3
Gloves, haberdashery, hats, etc. 4
Clothing materials 2
Men's footwear 5
Women's footwear 6
Children's footwear 4
Total, Clothing and footwear 84
Transport and Vehicles
Purchase of motor vehicles 46
Maintenance of motor vehicles 14
Petrol and oil 40
Motor licences 8
Motor insurance 8
Cycles and other vehicles 2
Rail transport 8
Bus, etc. transport 14
Total, Transport and vehicles 140
Miscellaneous Goods
Books 3
Newspapers and periodicals 13
Writing paper and other stationers' goods 5
Medicine and surgical, etc. goods 4
Toilet requisites 9
Soap and other detergents 5
Soda, polishes, etc. 3
Other household goods 2
Travel and sports goods, leather goods, jewellery, etc. 16
Photographic and optical goods 5
Toys 5
Plants, flowers, horticultural goods, etc. 4
Total, Miscellaneous goods 74
Postage, etc 4
Telephone, telegrams, etc 12
Television licences and set rentals 13
Other entertainment 9
Domestic help 4
Hairdressing 6
Boot and shoe repairing 1
Laundering 1
Dry cleaning and miscellaneous services 7
Total, Services 57
Meals Bought and Consumed Outside the Home 47
Total, all items 1,000
*Retail Prices Index Advisory Committee: Housing costs, weighting and other matters affecting the retail prices index, Cmnd. 5905, H.M. Stationary Office, 38p.
† Index households are all households other than (a) "high income" households, i.e. the 3 or 4 per cent, where the "heads of household" have the highest weekly incomes viz. a recorded gross income of at least £100 a week in the second half of 1974, £110 a week in the first half of 1975 and (b) "pensioner" households with limited means, i.e. those in which at least three quarters of the total income is derived from national insurance retirement or similar pensions and/or supplementary benefits paid in supplementation of, or instead of, such pensions; these amount to about 11 per cent, of households.