HC Deb 04 February 1977 vol 925 cc460-7W
Miss Richardson

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment what criteria he uses in determining whether or not a housing association receives a revenue deficit grant; whether written guidelines are produced; and whether he will place a copy in the Library.

Mr. Freeson

The statutory requirements for the payment of revenue deficit grant are contained in Section 32 of the Housing Act 1974. Grant is paid if the revenue account expenditure of the registered housing association which the Secretary of State considers to be reasonable and appropriate for the accounting year in question exceeds the income it could reasonably have been expected to receive. Payment of grant is discretionary, and applications are considered individually in the light of the circumstances of each association. Associations are normally expected to contain their total expenditure on management and maintenance within a level determined by reference to the published standard allowances used in the calculation of housing association grant for new projects, and to charge fair rents registered by the rent officer. In deciding whether grant needs to be paid, the overall financial circumstances of the association, including any other income and any accumulated surpluses, is also taken into account.

Advice to housing associations on revenue deficit grant—and management grant under Section 31 of the Housing Act 1974 for which similar criteria apply—is included in two notes issued in 1975 and 1976. I am arranging for copies to be placed in the Library.

Miss Richardson

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment how much money has been paid out annually to housing associations since 1974 through revenue deficit grants.

Mr. Freeson

Payments annually of revenue deficit grant and management grant have been:

Year Total £ million
1975 (April to December) 0.9
1976 7.5
1977 (January) 0.6

Miss Richardson

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment whether he will list the housing associations which have been in receipt of revenue deficit grants; how much each has received; and which applications have been refused.

Mr. Freeson

Housing associations which have received revenue deficit grant and/or management grant are as follows (List A).

Applications for revenue deficit grant and/or management grant have been refused for, or have been withdrawn by, the following associations (List B).

Payments (Figures shown are for one or more years, and include payments on account.)
Aireborough Flower Fund Homes 394
Alexandra Park Housing Association Ltd. 3,064
Alice Ruston Housing Association Ltd. 1,582
Annabelle Lady Boughey and Mary Roddam Housing Trust 661
Baptist Mens Movement Housing Association Ltd. 20,000
Battersea Churches Housing Trust 5,405
Bebington Old People's Housing Association Ltd. 8,532
Berkhamsted Housing Association Ltd. 130
Birmingham Friendship Housing Association 8,152
Blackpool and Fylde Society for the Blind 13,308
Bnai Brith Housing Society Ltd. 13,406
Brentwood Housing Trust Ltd. 8,853
Brinkhurst (The Oxford Lane Almshouses Charity) 2,062
Bristol Housing Association Ltd. 11,205
Bristol Old People's Welfare Inc. 304,534
British Airways Staff Housing Society Ltd. 440,529
Bromford Housing Association Ltd. 2,478
Brooklands Housing Society 431
Broughton Park Jewish Housing Association 24,563
Brunel Housing Association Ltd. 13,343
Calderbridge Housing Association Ltd. 304
Capital Housing Association Ltd. 84,738
Cedarmore Housing Association Ltd. 2,981
Central London Housing Trust for the Aged 104,500
Central and Provincial Housing Trust Ltd. 20,162
Cherwell Family Housing Trust Ltd. 12,859
Cheviot Housing Association 17,658
Chingford Almshouses Charity 196
Christian Action (Berkhamsted) Housing Association Ltd. 1,130
Church Army Housing Limited 70,179
Circle 33 Housing Trust Ltd. 169,538
The Commonwealth Students' Children Housing Association 11,026
Community Housing Association Ltd. 51,059
Copec Housing Trust 69,261
Corona (Overseas Students) Housing Association Ltd. 3,332
Coventry and Midlands Housing Association Ltd. 39,868
Crown Point Housing Association (Manchester) Ltd. 8,453
Dartington Housing Association Ltd. 2,070
Eagle Housing Trust 12,015
Ealing Family Housing Association 12,913
East Cowes Housing Association Ltd. 10,316
Eastern Counties Regional Housing Society Ltd. 31,044
East of London Housing Association 57,983
ECCO Housing Association Ltd. 1,111
Effingham Housing Association 2,057
Elizabeth Dacre Housing Association Ltd. 411
Elmdale Housing Association (Bristol) Ltd. 13,385
Epsom and Ewell Housing Association 13,715
Family Housing Association 406,764
Family Housing Association (Banbury 5,064
Family Housing Association (Birmingham) Ltd. 150,563
Family Housing Association (Manchester) Ltd. 2,259
Family Housing Association (Nottingham) Ltd. 7,076
Family Housing Association (York) Ltd. 8,577
Forest Churches Housing Trust Ltd. 1,107
Godalming and District Housing Association 1,617
Goldsmith's Housing Trust Ltd. 3,939
Gomm Housing Association 3,627
The Gundreda Housing Association Ltd. 255
Hampstead Homesteads 4,478
Hanover Housing Association 300,449
Harding Housing Association 6,730
Harlington Rectory Housing Association 36,398
Harrison Homes 25,681
Harrow Churches Housing Association Ltd. 9,474
Hassocks Old People's Housing Society Ltd. 2,152
Hastoe Housing Society Ltd. 40,010
Haymarket Housing Association 126,845
Heathcoat Housing Association Ltd. 1,281
Heathside Housing Society Ltd. 2,485
Holy Trinity (Paddington) Housing Association Ltd. 4,443
Home For Aged Jews 4,102
Homes for Elderly Vegetarians 7,874
Isle of Dogs Housing Society Ltd. 16,059
James Butcher Housing Association 42,800
John Grooms Housing Association 21,425
Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust Ltd. 259,954
John Mackintosh Memorial Homes 5,170
Kensington Housing Trust 342,283
Kytes 1,127
Lansdowne (First) Housing Association 15,371
Latimer Housing Society Ltd. 20,223
Leatherhead and District Housing Society 1,555
Leeds Emmaus Housing Association 410
Leeds Jewish Housing Association Ltd. 34,258
Leeds and Northern Housing Association Ltd. 13,018
Leeds Tenants Housing Society 56,871
Leicester Students Housing Association Ltd. 2,930
Licensed Victuallers National Homes 441,949
Littlehampton and Rustington Housing Society Ltd. 7,105
Liver Housing Association Ltd. 15,000
Liverpool Housing Trust 75,000
London and Quadrant Housing Trust 282,136
Louisa Job Memorial Housing Association Ltd. 2,800
Lowther & District Housing Association 6,153
Lumley Housing Association Ltd. 4,719
Luton Churches Housing Ltd. 4,412
Maldon Housing Association Ltd. 4,192
Manchester Housing 1926 Ltd. 2,602
Manchester Salford and District Jewish Housing Association Ltd. 16,210
Maritime Housing Association Ltd. 2,621
Mary Curzon Charity 1,524
Merseyside Improved Houses 298,128
Metropolitan Housing Trust 232,150
Midland Area Improvement Housing Association Ltd. 109,299
Moseley and District Churches Housing Association Ltd. 782
Mount Green Housing Association Ltd. 45,907
Newcastle Jewish Housing Association Ltd. 6,970
New Haymarket Housing Society Ltd. 25,401
New Hestia Housing Association Ltd. 3,656
New Homelands Limited 1,843
New Islington & Hackney Housing Association 392,455
Newlon Housing Trust 8,526
Nina West Homes Ltd. 5,878
Northall Housing Association Ltd. 20,832
North Eastern Railway Cottage Homes and Benefit Fund 19,305
North Housing Group Ltd. 114,370
North West Sussex Housing Association Ltd. 23,224
Norwich Rotary Club Housing Association 4,430
Notting Hill Housing Trust 1,498,569
Omnium Housing Association Ltd. 50,225
Orchard Housing Society Ltd. 3,952
The Over Forty Association for Women Workers 11,989
Oxford Citizens Housing Association Ltd. 10,000
Oxted Limpsfield & District Housing Association Ltd. 3,776
Oxford Polytechnic Housing Association 1,082
Paddington Churches Housing Association Ltd. 246,246
Penns Second Housing Association Ltd. 4,313
Portsmouth and District Soroptimists Housing Association Ltd. 2,096
Portsmouth Rotary Housing Association Ltd. 3,885
Porthove Housing Association Ltd. 3,788
Presbyterian Housing Ltd. 1,972
Richmond upon Thames Churches Housing Trust Ltd. 21,429
Rickmansworth Churches Housing Association Ltd. 8,692
Robert Thorner Housing Association Ltd. 6,455
Rotary Club of Bitterne and Woolston Housing Society Ltd. 3,208
Royal British Legion Housing Association Ltd. 378,270
Royston (Fulham) Housing Association Ltd. 1,544
Second Achilles Housing Association Ltd. 26,483
Second Bromford Housing Society Ltd. 3,753
Second Women's Royal Voluntary Service Housing Society Ltd. 6,572
Servite Houses Ltd. 29,117
Shaftesbury Society Housing Association 797
Shipbourne Housing Trust Ltd. 243
Southgate Churches Housing Association Ltd. 5,034
South Holmes Housing Association Ltd. 8,749
South West Housing Society Ltd. 3,956
Speedwell Housing Society Ltd. 4,814
Springboard Housing Association Ltd. 11,850
St. Albans & District Churches Housing Association Ltd. 1,142
St. Marylebone Housing Association 150,342
St. Pancras Housing Association in Camden 47,347
Sutton Housing Society Ltd. 29,672
Swaythling Housing Society Ltd. 21,787
Tennant Housing Trust Ltd. 12,577
Thame and District Housing Association Ltd. 4,571
Thames Ditton Homes Ltd. 568
Thames Valley Housing Society 4,043
Third Counterbuild Housing Association Ltd. 5,000
Tilers Housing Association Ltd. 1,460
T. O. S. Housing Association Ltd. 1,629
Toynbee Housing Association Ltd. 29,490
Trident Housing Association (Birmingham) Ltd. 17,100
Trinity Housing Association Ltd. 126,827
Tyndale Baptist Church (Bristol) Housing Association 7,070
Union Church Brighton Housing Society Ltd. 700
United Housing Associations Trust 64,860
Walbrook Housing Association Ltd. 4,895
Wargrave on Thames Housing Association Ltd. 4,300
Watford Churches Housing Association Ltd. 2,279
Welwyn Garden City Housing Association Ltd. 10,184
Westfield Housing Association Ltd. 14,534
West Worthing Housing Society Ltd. 1,349
Wirral Methodist Housing Association 1,966
Witham Housing Association Ltd. 3,035
Women's Pioneer Housing Association Ltd. 356
Wood Green Housing Association Ltd. 7,840
World of Property Housing Trust HA 58,702
Women's Royal Voluntary Service Housing Association 51,418
Women's Royal Voluntary Service Housing Association (1962) Ltd. 2,927
The Zebara Trust 3,785


  • Acton Housing Association.
  • Aggrey Housing Ltd.
  • Annabelle Lady Boughey and Mary Roddam Housing Trust
  • Aston Charities Trust.
  • Banbury Baptist Housing Association.
  • Baptist Men's Movement Housing Association Ltd.
  • Barton Housing Association.
  • Battersea Churches Housing Trust.
  • Becket Trust Housing Association.
  • Bethesda Eventide Home.
  • Bnai Brith Housing Society.
  • Bournemouth War Memorial Homes.
  • Broadland Housing Association Ltd.
  • Brooklands Housing Society.
  • Calderbridge Housing Association.
  • Camberwell Housing Society.
  • Centmid Housing Association.
  • Christian Action (Colchester Quaker) Housing Association.
  • Christian Action (Waltham Forest) Housing Association.
  • Churches of Caterham Housing Association.
  • Claverdon Benefice Housing Association.
  • Colman Housing Society.
  • Columba Housing Association Ltd.
  • Commonwealth Students Children Society.
  • Concord House Association.
  • Countess of Derbys Almhouses.
  • Croydon Unitarian Housing Association.
  • Delves House
  • Downland Housing Association.
  • Dowland Salvington Housing Association.
  • Dudley & District Old Peoples Housing Society Ltd.
  • Eastern Counties Regional Housing Society.
  • Ecco Housing Association.
  • Effingham Housing Association Ltd.
  • Family Housing Association Banbury Ltd.
  • Family Housing Association Manchester.
  • Glebe Housing Association.
  • Godalming and District Housing Association.
  • Godfrey Almhouses Trust.
  • Great Western (London) Housing Association.
  • Greater Manchester and District Housing Society Ltd.
  • Halifax & District Flower Fund.
  • Hampstead Homesteads.
  • Harding Housing Association.
  • Harden Housing Association.
  • Home for Aged Jews.
  • Homesdale/Woodford Baptist Homes.
  • Hotel and Catering Benevolent Association.
  • Humanist Housing Association.
  • Hythe Rotary Housing Association.
  • 467
  • Islington, Shoreditch Housing Association.
  • Jephson Housing Association Ltd.
  • Jephson Second Housing Association Ltd.
  • Kilmersdon and District Housing Association.
  • Leatherhead (Mole Valley) Housing Association.
  • Lcatherhead and District Housing Society for Old People Ltd.
  • Leeds and Northern Housing Association.
  • Leeds Jewish Housing Association Ltd.
  • Leeds Tenants Housing Association.
  • Little Black Bag Housing Association.
  • Maldon Housing Association.
  • Merrimac Housing Association Ltd.
  • Metropolitan Housing Trust.
  • Mcorside Housing Association Ltd.
  • Moseley and District Churches Housing Association.
  • Mount Green Housing Association Ltd.
  • Mulberry Housing Trust.
  • Newark Housing Association Ltd.
  • North Cheshire Housing Association.
  • North Eastern Railway Cottage Homes and Benefit Fund.
  • North British Housing Association Ltd.
  • North Housing Group Ltd.
  • Omnium/Apex Housing Society Ltd.
  • Orchard Housing Society.
  • Paddington Churches Housing Association Ltd.
  • Penge Churches Housing Association.
  • Poole Lions Housing Association.
  • Prestwich and North Western Housing Association.
  • Printers Charitable Corporation.
  • Prospect Housing Association.
  • Province of Palatine Housing Association.
  • Queensway Housing Association Ltd.
  • Raglan Housing Association.
  • Royal British Legion Housing Association.
  • St. Pancras Housing Association in Camden.
  • Sedgeley and District Old People's Housing Society Ltd.
  • Solon Housing Association Ltd.
  • Solon South West Housing Association Ltd.
  • Staincliffe Housing Association.
  • Sussex Housing Association for the Aged.
  • The Over 40 Association of Women Workers.
  • Tyndale Baptist Church (Bristol) Housing Association Ltd.
  • Utopian Housing Association (Nexus) Ltd.
  • Walker Housing Trust.
  • Warbleton Housing Association.
  • Westacres Housing Society.
  • Western Counties Housing Association.
  • Womens Pioneer Housing Association.
  • Womens Royal Voluntary Housing Association.
  • Woodcock Housing Association.
  • Worthing Marine Housing Association.
  • Yorkshire Cottage Housing Association.
  • Zebra Trust.

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