HC Deb 01 February 1977 vol 925 cc160-5W
Mr. Rose

asked the Secretary of State for Employment whether he will circulate in the Official Report a list of job creation programmes under way or proposed in the Greater Manchester area.

Mr. Golding,

pursuant to his reply [Official Report, 20th January 1977; Vol. 924, c. 314], gave the following information:

I am informed by the Manpower Service Commission as follows:—

Sponsor Number of Jobs Description
Oldham MBC 3 Social work.
Oldham Council 1 Youth liaison service.
Oldham Council 1 Community relations.
Oldham Family Crisis Group 2 Battered women's refuge.
Oldham Council 1 Linguistic service.
Oldham Community Development 3 Information project.
Oldham MBC 4 Re-organisation of workshops for the blind.
Oldham MBC 10 Environmental improvements.
Oldham Youth Action 5 Assistance to elderly.
Oldham Welfare Rights Group 1 Welfare project.
Oldham MBC 2 Archives and records management.
Rochdale MBC 10 Work scheme for young.
Balderstone Community Council 1 Community worker.
Balderstone Community Council 1 Steward at community school.
Rochdale BC 2 Sports area/adventure playground.
Rochdale MBC 20 Work scheme for young people.
Balderstone Community Council 1 Community worker.
Balderstone Community Council 1 Community worker.
Rochdale Voluntary Action 3 Voluntary projects/charity shop.
Rochdale MBC 125 Rochdale Canal.
Rochdale MBC 20 Young peoples' work scheme.
Ms. Watkinson 6 Nature reserve.
Salford Council for Voluntary Service 10 Social projects.
Worsley Churches 27 Care scheme/survey.
Salford Employment Trust 22 Employment trust scheme.
Salford Education Department 4 Community Arts centre.
Salford Education Department 20 Social welfare work.
GMCVS 15 Play schemes.
Trinity Church 19 Renovations to hall.
Salford Education Department 6 Numeracy project.
Salford RC Diocesan Trustees 8 Community workers.
Stockport Cricket Club 2 Ground improvements.
Stockport MBC 10 Ditch and drainage clearance.
Stockport CVS 1 Literacy project.
Stockport MBC 5 Rights of way survey.
Stockport MBC 4 Park dam bank.
Stockport MBC 8 Park improvements.
Stockport MBC 6 Lyme park improvements.
Stockport MBC 4 Property survey.
Stockport MBC 6 Survey of sick and disabled.
Stockport MBC 3 Adult literacy centre.
Stockport CVS 4 Welfare rights.
Tameside Voluntary Service 5 Gardening/transport project.
Tameside Social Services 4 Youth workers.
Tameside Volunteer Bureau 5 Improvements to homes of elderly.
Tameside Community Council 2 Wardens for battered wives hostels.
Tameside Community Involvement Council 14 Renovation work.
Stalybridge Golf Club 4 Improvements to club.
Tameside Area Health Authority 10 Landscaping hospital grounds.
Tameside Community Development Centre 12 Community workshops.
Tameside Area Health Authority 10 Hospital improvements.
Tameside Community Involvement Council 6 Night shelter.
Tameside MBC 15 Landscaping.
Age Concern 10 Survey of pensioners.
Tameside College of Technology 6 Education survey.
Tameside MBC 4 Community leisure involvement.
Tameside MBC 7 Footpath survey.
Tameside MBC 9 Allotment improvements.
Tameside MBC 4 Kitchen gardening.
Tameside MBC 3 Tree survey.
Tameside Volunteer Bureau 5 Decoration of homes of elderly.
Ridings Community Association 5 Landscaping.
Trafford Borough Council 6 Tree planting.
Partington People's Church 4 Play areas.
Partington People's Rights Group 4 Advice scheme.
Partington Canal Boat Project 6 Canal boat project.
Trafford MBC 18 Gardening for elderly.
Rossendale BC 3 Creation of land records.
Wigan MBC 6 Records scheme.
Wigan MBC 25 Reafforestation.
St. Johns Church 13 Churchyard improvements.
Wigan MBC 22 Neighbourhood aid scheme.
Sponsor Number of Jobs Description
All Souls Church 9 School and community centre.
Community Youth Volunteers Association 2 Youth work.
British Trust for Conservation Volunteers 4 Terraced gardens.
Bury MBC 11 Clearing canal.
Bury MBC 1 Updating records.
Age Concern, Bury 5 Office/shop development.
Bury Area Health Authority 6 Microfilming medical records.
Oldham Single Homeless 2 Renovation of buildings to house the homeless.
Workshop for the Blind 1 Work centre.
Oldham CVS 9 Care and support project.
Oldham Youth Action 5 Community action.
Oldham Welfare Rights Group 1 Welfare project.
Oldham Community Council 2 Cataloguing and record management.
Oldham MBC 8 Restoration of buildings.
Oldham MBC 2 Inspection of footpaths.
Leonard Cheshire Homes 41 Provision of residential accommodation.
Rochdale MBC 5 Library catalogue improvements.
Rochdale BC 8 Sports area/adventure playground scheme.
Association of Rochdale Churches 7 Church action to provide community services.
Rochdale MBC 25 River clearance.
City of Salford 4 Updating inventories.
University of Salford 27 Sports field and paths developments.
City of Salford 10 Woodlands regeneration.
City of Salford 10 Environmental improvements.
City of Salford 17 Land improvements.
Salford Education Department 11 Home/school links.
Salford Education Department 4 Royal Jubilee Arts Festival.
Salford Education Department 4 Community project.
Salford Education Department 3 Youth work liaison.
City of Salford 10 Landscaping.
Charnwood Trust 2 Day nursery.
Stockport MBC 4 Lyme Park development.
Stockport MBC 10 County parks.
Stockport MBC 15 Cemetery landscaping.
Stockport BC 5 Archive and museum scheme.
Stockport Shelter Housing Action Committee 2 Housing action project.
Dislay Amalgamated Club 17 Squash court construction/repairs.
Youth Adventure Tameside 6 Development of outdoor pursuits.
Tameside Community Council 14 Community workshops.
Tameside MBC 7 Survey of outdoor facilities.
Tameside MBC 20 Playleader scheme.
St. John's Ambulance Brigade 13 Construction work.
Trafford MBC 7 Painting for the elderly.
Wigan MBC 20 Social service aids.
Scout Council 7 Estate development.
Wigan MBC 5 Survey of advertisements.
Aspull Boy's Club 24 Extension to building.
Wigan MBC 7 Decorating project.
Sponsor Number of Jobs Description
Manchester University 1 Construction of working model.
Salford Education Department 8 Social work.
Salford Education Department 4 Educational scheme.
Salford Education Department 6 Survey.
Salford Education Department 10 Community work.
Metropolitan Borough of Bury 11 Environmental improvement.
Metropolitan Borough of Bury 11 Allotment scheme.
Bury Metropolitan Arts Association 4 Survey work.
Oldham Borough Council 1 Archive scheme.
Family Service Unit 9 Social work.
Metropolitan Borough of Wigan 12 Park improvements.
Metropolitan Borough of Wigan 2 Archive scheme.
Manchester Polytechnic 2 Library records.
Manchester Polytechnic 3 Cataloguing for conversion to computer.
Manchester Adventure Playgrounds Association 15 Community work.
Greater Manchester Council 4 Cataloguing and updating of records.
Manchester University 2 Health/Research.
Sponsor Number of Jobs Description
Manchester Health Authority 18 Social work.
Coffee Bar Establishment Committee 7 Community work.
Mr. I. Willis 2 Community work.
NACRO & NCE 8 Survey scheme.
Outreach for Jewish Youth 2 Social work.
National Trust 13 Environmental improvements.
National Trust 16 Environmental improvements.
National Trust 8 Environmental improvements.
St. Michaels Parish Church 12 Improvements to Church.
Manchester City Council 5 Education scheme.
Mrs. Watkinson 7 Bird sanctuary.
Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council 12 Environmental improvements.
Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council 1 Education scheme.
NW Play Association 20 Social/Community schemes.