HC Deb 28 October 1976 vol 918 cc373-5W
Mr. Madden

asked the Secretary of State for Employment if he will list the dates on which the inquiry into asbestos being conducted by the Health and Safety Commission, has met since its establishment, the names and designations of those appointed and co-opted to its working groups, and the date on which these working groups have met since their establishment.

Mr. John Grant

The Chairman of the Health and Safety Commission informs me that the Advisory Committee on asbestos has so far met twice, on 23rd June and 22nd September 1976, and will meet next on 15th December 1976.

The membership of the working groups —co-opted members are indicated by an asterisk—and the dates on which they have met are as follows:

Working Group A (Medical)

  • Dr. K. Duncan (chairman), Director of Medical Services, Health and Safety Executive.
  • Professor E. D. Acheson, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Southampton University, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology.
  • Mr. A. C. Blyg'nton, Secretary, Legal Department, Transport and General Workers' Union.
  • Dr. J. C. Gilson, former Director, Medical Research Council Pneumoconiosis Unit, Penarth.
  • Professor A. Mair, Professor of Community and Occupational Medicine, Dundee University.
  • Dr. J. Steel, Consultant to World Health Organisation in Industrial Hygiene, Senior Lecturer, Nuffield Department of Industrial Health, University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Consultant in Occupational Hygiene to the North of England Health Service.
  • Professor M. Turner-Warwick, Professor of Medicine (Thoracic Medicine), London University. Consultant Physician to Brompton and London Chest Hospitals.
  • *Dr. G. L. Leathart, Senior Lecturer, Department of Industrial Health, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.
  • *Dr. J. C. McDonald, Director, TUC Centenary Institute of Occupational Health.

Two meetings have been held, on 8th July and 5th October, and the next has been set for 16th December.

Working Group B (Environmental Monitoring)

  • Dr. G. Bloomfield (chairman), Director, Occupational Medicine and Hygiene Laboratories, Health and Safety Executive.
  • Dr. M. Molyneux, Occupational Hygienist, Institute of Naval Medicine.
  • Mr. F. Sugden, Chief Environmental Health Officer, Middlesbrough.
  • *Dr. S. Beckett, Institute of Occupational Medicine, Edinburgh.
  • *Dr. S. Holmes, TBA Industrial Products Limited, Secretary to the Asbestosis Research Council.
  • *Dr. L. E. Reed, Central Unit on Environmental Pollution, Department of the Environment.
  • *Dr. V. Timbrell, MRC Pneumoconiosis Unit, Penarth.
  • *Dr. R. Wood, Laboratory of the Government Chemist.

One meeting has been held, on 8th July. The next will take place on 28th October.

Working Group C (Legal and Administrative Controls)

  • Mr. H. J. Dunster (chairman), Deputy Director General Health and Safety Executive.
  • Mr. A. C. Blyghton, Legal Secretary, Transport and General Workers Union.
  • Mr. H. D. S. Hardie, Director, Turner & Newall Limited.
  • Mrs. R. Waterhouse, member of National Consumer Council.
  • *Mr. G. C. Jones, Chief Executive and Town Clerk, Gillingham.
  • *Miss E. P. Kruse, Department of the Environment (Noise, Clean Air and Wastes Division).
  • *Mr. R. J. Sherwood, Occupational Hygienist, Colt International Limited.
  • *Mr. G. Skinner, Department of the Environment (Building Regulations Administrative Division).
  • *Mr. J. L. Whitty, General and Municipal Workers Union.

Three meetings have been held, on 13th July, 13th September and 20th October. The next is planned for 3rd December.

Working Group D (Production and Use of Asbestos)

  • Dr. C. J. Stairmand (chairman, Consultant Chemical Engineer and Physicist.
  • Mr. H. D. S. Hardie, Director, Turner & Newall Limited.
  • Mr. W. Lewis, Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians.
  • Mr. A. W. Ure, Director, Trollope & Colts Limited.
  • *Mr. D. F. Cornelius, Building Research Establishment (Building Regulations Professional Division).
  • *Mr. A. Jones, Chief Architect, John Laing Design Associates Limited.
  • *Mr. K. Humphreys, Department of the Environment.
  • *Mr. S. L. Hunt, Director, Southern Demolition Co. Limited.
  • *Mr. A. McLean, General and Municipal Workers Union.

Four meetings have been held, 12th and 29th July, 7th September and 22nd October, and the next will be held on 29th November. In addition, members have visited factories where asbestos is used in manufacture. These visits took place on 24th-26th August and 7th September.

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