HC Deb 17 May 1976 vol 911 cc381-2W
Mr. Ioan Evans

asked the Secretary of State for Prices and Consumer Protection whether she will prescribe a range of quantities for the sale of bottled wines and spirits.

Mr. John Fraser

Certain light wines are included in the EEC Regulation 2133/74 which requires the declaration of the nominal volume in a range of permitted sizes set out in Annex III to the EEC directive on prepackaged liquids (75/106/EEC). As the EEC Regulation 2133/74 is binding on all member States, these sizes will be in effect prescribed quantities for light wines. The regulation comes into operation on 1st September 1976, though there is a derogation of one year for bottlers to comply with the declaration of contents.

The Working Party on Metrological Control systems is studying the implementation of the directive on prepackaged liquids (75/106/EEC), Annex III to which includes ranges of permitted sizes for spirits and other wines. I shall be considering the implications of this when I receive the report of the working party in a few months' time.

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Kenya 65,429 21,931 87,360
Mauritius 15,984 3,473 19,457
Scychelles (D) 410 410
Tanzania 3,484 1,634 5,118
Urganda 19,696 4,082 23,778
General—EAC 9,246 3,551 12,797
114,249 34,671 148,920
Ethiopia 4,646 4,646
Sudan 10,957 951 11,926
15,621 951 16,572
Total 129,870 35,622 165,492