HC Deb 17 May 1976 vol 911 cc354-5W
Mr. Townsend

asked the Secretary of State for Defence how many complaints were received from the Irish Government concerning overflying of their territory by British military planes and helicopters for each of the years 1970 to 1975 inclusive.

Mr. Wellbeloved

In the 12 months ended 30th April 1976 we accepted complaints by the Government of the Republic of Ireland in respect of 22 accidental incursions by military aircraft, including helicopters. Corresponding figures for the years ended 30th April 1975 and 30th April 1974 are 19 and 28, respectively. Figures for earlier years are not readily available.

Date Aircraft Fatalities Cause
10th May 1973 Victor 6 Aircrew error
1st June 1973 Phantom 1 Technical defect
25th June 1973 Phantom 2 Not known
5th July 1973 Bassett 1 Inspection and Servicing error
2nd August 1973 Canberra 1 Not known
22nd August 1973 Phantom 2 Not known
6th September 1973 Gnat 1 Technical defect
10th September 1973 Hercules 5 Technical defect
2nd November 1973 Hunter 2 Not known
23rd January 1974 Harrier 1 Technical defect
26th March 1974 Harrier 1 Aircrew error
9th August 1974 Phantom 3 Aircrew error
24th March 1975 Victor 4 Aircrew error
7th April 1975 Lightning 1 Not known
29th July 1975 Chipmunk 2 Not yet finally determined
6th September 1975 Harrier 1 Not yet finally determined
14th October 1975 Vulcan 6 Not yet finally determined
17th December 1975 Phantom 2 Not yet finally determined
19th January 1976 Harrier 2 Not yet finally determined
12th March 1976 Harrier 1 Not yet finally determined
30th April 1976 Gnats (2) 4 Not yet finally determined
1. Fatalities include Service men and civilians, whether British or foreign nationals.