HC Deb 17 May 1976 vol 911 cc390-1W

Hereward College of FE, Coventry, Engineering, Science, Home Economics, Business Studies, Music, Arts and Crafts, and general academic subjects.

North Notts College of FE (Work Orientation Unit), includes Engineering, Construction. Business Studies and Catering.

South Thames College, includes Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, English, Science. Art and First Aid.

St. Albans College of FE, instruction in Technological Aids, Domestic Science and Reading.

SE Derbyshire College of FE, Work Preparation course in conjunction with the Industrial Rehabilitation Centre.

Tottenham College of Technology, Wig-making.

Brixton College of FE, General bridging course for the hearing impaired.

George Stephenson College of FE, Herts, Reprographic Techniques for the deaf.

Kingsway, Princeton College, Audio-typing for the partially sighted.

London College of Furniture, Piano-tuning and minor repairs for the blind and partially sighted, Toy-making/machine knitting and upholstery for the ESN, Design and Craft for the deaf.

Tameside College of Technology, Work preparation course (literacy and numeracy) for the ESN.

Park Lane College of FE, Leeds, Further education for ESN(s)—includes basic numeracy and literacy speech development and physical education.