HC Deb 03 March 1976 vol 906 c641W
Mr. Wm. Ross

asked the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland why pensions cannot be treated in the same way as unemployment benefits and paid by Giro, thereby relieving old persons of the necessity of regular travel to the post office to receive their pensions.

Mr. Moyle,

pursuant to his reply [Official Report, 1st March 1976; Vol. 906, c. 450], gave the following information

Year 1974–75 Year 1974–71
Remuneration £ Number £ Cost £ Remuneration £ Number £ Cost £
The Scottish Law Commission
Chairman* 14,350 1 12,600 1
Full-time 10,603 3 33,827 7,575 1 16,725
Part-time 4,252 1 3,050 3
The Scottish Committee of the Council on Tribunals
Chairman 2,624 1 5,624 2,000 1 2,000
Members† 750 4 4
Standing Junior Counsel in Scotland to certain Government Departments
Year 1974–75 = 22
Year 1970–71 = 26
These appointments are remunerated on a fee basis and figures are not readily available.
* The Chairman (Lord Hunter), being the holder of high judicial office, the Law Commissions Act 1965. He continues to receive his judicial salary, Consolidated Fund. is not remunerated under which is paid out of the Consolidated Fund
† There are additionally two members of the Scottish Committee who are members also of the Council on Tribunals. They, however, are appointed by the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Advocate jointly, and are remunerated as members of the Council and not as members of the Scottish Committee.