HC Deb 15 July 1976 vol 915 cc240-1W
Mr. Michael Latham

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food what is the current staffing establishment of that part of the cheese and tea subsidy section of his Food Subsidies Division which deals with cheese subsidies; and what is the annual administrative cost, including both salaries and administrative overheads.

Mr. Peart

There is now no separate establishment for cheese subsidy work, but the equivalent of between four and five full-time staff are now engaged on it. The annual cost to public funds covering both salaries and administrative expenses is estimated at £42,500 in a full year. The equivalent costs of staff elsewhere in my Department engaged on payment and financial controls over the cheese subsidy amount to £75,400.

Mr. Michael Latham

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food whether he will now set out in tabular form the total sums paid out to date in respect of cheese subsidies under each of the headings listed in his answer to the hon. Member for Melton on 12th January 1976.

Mr. Pearl

The amount of cheese subsidy authorised for payment up to 30th June 1976, was:

Home Produced £
Cheddar and Cheshire 57,127,381
Other UK Territorials 15,622,578
Imported (a)
Cheddar and Cheshire 28,103,832
Edam and Gouda 6,165,792
All other varieties 2,338,952
Imported (b)
Processed Cheese 814,644
Cheese Spreads 95,365
Powdered Cheese 1,026,768
Grated Cheese 404
Total 111,295,716

Of these payments, £1,748,417 has subsequently been repaid, but it is not practicable to allocate the repayments between types of cheese.