HC Deb 27 February 1976 vol 906 cc373-4W
Mr. George

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services if she will update

Family type in figure 5.11 Family allowances Net earnings Means-tested benefits NI benefits Total weekly net income
£p £p £p £p £p
1 1.50 22.22 23.72
2 1.50 4.49 34.40 40.39
3 1.50 28.12 4.56 34.18
4 1.50 43.23 44.73
5 1.50 20.99 24.80 47.29

Assumptions.—Each family has two children, aged 4 and 7, with rent £4.33 and rates £1.64 before rebate.

The family types are as follows:

A fatherless family with the mother not working and dependent upon supplementary benefit;

A two-parent family where the father aged between 35 and 45 has been sick for more than 28 weeks and is receiving invalidity benefit and the mother is not working;

A fatherless family with the mother in full-time work and earning a wage for manual work of £34.18*. National insurance contribution is assumed to be at the full rate;

A two-parent family, with the father in full-time work, and mother not working, earning a wage for manual work of £59.58*;

full time for (a) an average female wage and (b) the average wage, for each year since 1970.

Mr. O'Malley

Figures for the combined average earnings of men and women are not available, nor is information yet available for 1975. The available information in relation to female earnings and male earnings separately is as follows:

date the information in figure 5.11 (page 263) in the Finer Report.

Mr. O'Malley

The information requested is given below:

A family where the mother is a widow with a widowed mother's allowance and is in full time work on earnings of £34.18. National insurance contribution is assumed to be at the reduced rate.

"Net income" is the sum of earnings after deduction of tax, national insurance contribution and an arbitrary amount of £1 per week for other working expenses; family allowances; appropriate national insurance benefits at the standard rate; supplementary benefit entitlement, family income supplement entitlement; appropriate rate rebate and appropriate rent rebate or allowance.

* The average manual wages at October 1975.