HC Deb 16 February 1976 vol 905 c543W
Mr. Wigley

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services what is the estimated annual cost of unemployment pay in Wales on the basis of the annualised effect of the unemployment levels pertaining in Wales in January 1976.

Mr. Meacher

It is estimated that the cost of unemployment benefit and supplementary allowances paid to unemployed persons would be of the order of £75 million.

Men Women
1. Normal pension age 65 60
2. Where there is 45 years' insurance 64 59
3. If claimed earlier (sometimes rate is reduced by 5 per cent. for each year before normal age) 60 55
4. Sailors and sea-fishermen 60
5. Miners (surface workers) 60
6. Miners (underground workers) 55
Retirement is necessary.
Men Women
1. Normal pension age—
(a) national pension 67 62
(b) second pension 67 67
2. Those in ill-health or where other special circumstances apply 60 60
Retirement is not necessary.
Men Women
Normal pension age 60 60
There is no retirement condition at present.
Those who have 37½ years' insurance can claim a pension of 25 per cent. of their insurable earnings at age 60 but it is usual to defer claiming pension until between age 64 and 65, when the standard pension is 50 per cent. of insurable earnings. Pensions which would have been earned by working up to age 65 can currently be paid at age 60 to those unfit for work, to those who were deported or interned during the war, to certain ex-service men and to certain ex-prisoners of war. From July 1976 certain manual workers also will be able to take advantage of a similar arrangement, provided they do not continue to follow the same occupation in the same firm.

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