HC Deb 05 February 1976 vol 904 cc724-5W
Mr. Frank R. White

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food what quantity of potatoes has been bought by the Potato Marketing Board per year over the past five years; and what quantity will be, or has been, bought this year.

Mr. Bishop

The following table shows the quantities of potatoes contracted for in the past five years under buying programmes operated by the Potato Marketing Board and the approximate quantities disposed of other than for human consumption. A buying programme is not operating for the 1975–76 crop year.

years in respect of defendant trial in summary and solemn procedure, respectively.

Mr. William Ross

The information requested, so far as it is available, is as follows:

Average Payment per Case to Advocates and Solicitors
High Court of Judiciary Sheriff Court Solemn Summary
Advocates Solicitors Solicitors Solicitors
£ £ £ £
1970–71 112 170 39 85
1971–72 142 177 50 103
1972–73 216 279 59 126
1973–74 137 177 63 168
1974–75 254 299 68 129

Information is not readily available on the average payment to advocates in those sheriff court solemn and summary cases in which advocates appeared—which is a relatively rare occurrence particularly in summary cases. The total expenditure on advocates' fees in such cases was as follows:

Solemn Summary
1970–71 564 3,495
1971–72 103 5,984
1972–73 550 6,719
1973–74 654 10,798
1974–75 1,822 13,907

Mr. Gordon Wilson

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland what was the average payment for each case made to advocates and solicitors, respectively, out of the legal aid funds in each of the last five years in respect of undefended divorces, defended divorces and actions for separation.

Mr. William Ross

The information requested, so far as divorce cases are concerned, is given in the following table:

Undefended Divorce Cases Defended Divorce Cases*
Advocates Solicitors Advocates Solicitors
£ £ £ £
1970–71 12 66 22 105
1971–72 15 71 29 110
1972–73 16 86 20 107
1973–74 18 95 23 125
1974–75 20 108 32 170
* The figures provided relate to these cases which originated as defended cases and include cases where both parties are legally aided. A proportion of these categories become undefended during the progress of the case.

Corresponding figures for separation cases are not available. The average payments to solicitors for all cases in the sheriff court and the total payments to advocates appearing in sheriff court cases—which is a relatively rare occurrence—in the last three of the years for which details are requested were as follows (figures for earlier years are not available):

Average payment per case to solicitors (all cases) Total payments to advocates (all cases)
£ £
1972–73 58 1,412
1973–74 63 1,574
1974–75 69 992