HC Deb 12 April 1976 vol 909 cc388-90W
Mr. Rooker

asked the Secretary of State for Employment what is the full-time job equivalent, assuming a 40-hour week, of the hours of overtime worked in each region by employees in manufacturing industry at the latest convenient date; and how these figures compare with the numbers of registered unemployed in manufacturing for the same regions at a similar date.

Mr. John Fraser

Following is the information at January 1976. The overtime hours shown are those worked by operatives in all manufacturing industries; the numbers unemployed comprise all workers registered for employment whose last job was in manufacturing industries.

details of all wages council settlements reached since 11th July 1975 excluding any amounts due to equal pay.

Mr. Harold Walker

The following wages councils have agreed earnings supplements for adult full-time workers from the dates shown. In addition, 12 wages

Wages Council Supplement Date
Licensed Non-Residential Establishment 6.00 22nd December 1975 (bar staff)
23rd February 1976 (club stewards)
Coffin Furniture and Cerement Making 5.80 1st December 1975
Laundry 5.90 20th February 1976
Boot and Shoe Repairing 6.00 12th February 1976
Pin, Hook and Eye, and Snap Fastener 6.00 24th November 1975
Retail Bespoke Tailoring (Scotland) 5.00 3rd February 1976
Ready-Made and Wholesale Bespoke Tailoring 6.00 19th January 1976
Rubber-proofed Garment Making 6.00 24th February 1976
Corset 6.00 17th April 1976
Shirtmaking 6.00 16th January 1976
Wholesale Mantle and Costume 6.00 16th January 1976
Made-up Textiles 6.00 29th January 1976
Retail Bespoke Tailoring (England and Wales) 6.00 (skilled) 19th February 1976
5.20 (unskilled)
Dressmaking and Women's Light Clothing (England and Wales) 6.00 25th March 1976
Aerated Waters (England and Wales) 6.00 18th February 1976
Hat, Cap and Millinery 4.50 plus 1st April 1976
1.50 1th July 1976
Retail Newsagency, Tobacco and Confectionery Trades (Scotland) 5.80 5th April 1976
Perambulator and Invalid Carriage 6.00 26th April 1976
Unlicensed Place of Refreshment 6.00 21st June 1976
Road Haulage 6.00 29th February 1976
Cotton Waste Reclamation 2.60 plus 28th April 1976
2.60 28th July 1976
Sack and Bag 6.00 12th June 1976
Lace Finishing 6.00 26th June 1976
Rope, Twine and Net 6.00 26th July 1976
Toy 6.00 23rd June 1976
General Waste Materials Reclamation 6.00 28th July 1976
Retail Drapery, Outfitting and Footwear Trades 6.00 7th July 1976

Mr. Rooker

asked the Secretary of State for Employment if he will publish details of ACAS arbitration awards which have resulted in pay settlements in excess of the £6 limit, indicating public sector and private awards separately.

Mr. John Fraser

The ACAS is an independent statutory body. It does not publish awards of arbitrators it appoints, which are the property of the parties.

Mr. Rooker

asked the Secretary of State for Employment if, in the present negotiations on pay policy, increment scales will continue to be regarded as self-financing and therefore exempt.

Mr. Booth

Under the current policy, already established incremental and wage-for-age scales are payable provided that this does not raise the overall wage bill by more than £6 per head. It is too soon to say what the next policy will be. councils' settlements reached before 11th July 1975 came into effect during the present pay policy under the transitional arrangements in the White Paper.