HC Deb 08 April 1976 vol 909 cc261-4W
Mr. Crouch

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will list those trunk road schemes included on the 3,100 mile network which had been expected to start between now and 1980, giving in each case the starting date which had been planned before the latest cuts in public expenditure set out in Command Paper No. 6393 and the starting date now expected as a result of the cuts.

Dr. Gilbert

The schemes which had been expected to start between now and 1980 are listed below. It is not yet possible to say how far this reduction of expenditure set out in Cmnd. Paper No. 6393 will affect any individual scheme.

Scheme Planned Year of Start
A27 Southwick widening 1976–77
A34 M4 to Ashridge Farm 1976–77
A31 Bratley Diversion 1976–77
A27 Falmer Diversion 1976–77
A38 Southern access of M5 to
Gloucester 1976–77
A38 Barton Turn interchange 1976–77
A66 Palliard Bridge to county
boundary 1976–77
A168 Topcliffe and Asenby
bypass 1976–77
A64 Malton bypass 1976–77
A1 Redhouse junction im
provement 1976–77
A45 Cambridge northern by-
pass to Newmarket bypass 1976–77
M58 Aintree - Skelmersdale 1976–77
(Western Section)
A590 Arrad Foot Diversion 1976–77
M180 Thorne to Sandtoft (main
works) 1976–77
A64 Tadcaster bypass 1976–77
M180 Sandtoft to Trent 1976–77
M180 Scunthorpe Southern by-pass 1976–77

Scheme Planned Year of Start
M180 Trent Bridge 1976–77
M18 Wadworth to Armthorpe 1976–77
M180 Trent to Brumby Moor 1976–77
A61 Little Eaton to Holbrook 1976–77
M54 Telford to M6 1976–77
M25 Chertsey Links (Thorpe to
Chertsey) 1976–77
M25 Chertsey Links (railway
bridge) 1976–77
M26 Dunton Green to
Wrotham 1976–77
M20 West Kingsdown to
Addington 1976–77
M27 Windhover to Hedge End 1976–77
M25 Godstone to county
boundary 1976–77
M25 County boundary to
Sundridge Road 1976–77
M20 Sellindge to Folkestone 1976–77
M25 Runnymede Bridge 1976–77
A30 East to Cheriton Cross to
Pocombe Bridge 1976–77
A35 East of Whiddon Down
to East of Cheriton Cross 1976–77
A30 Bodmin to Higher
Carblake 1976–77
A34 Chilton to Drayton 1976–77
A45 Cambridge northern
bypass 1976–77
A45 Rougham to Woolpit 1976–77
M11 A120 to Stumps Cross
Contract 4A and 4B 1976–77
A1 Cecil Road to Roestock 1976–77
M16/25 A12 to A13 1976–77
A34 Sandleford Link 1977–78
A303 Charnage Down to Mere 1977–78
A303 Furze Hedge Junction 1977–78
A38 Marsh Mills to Manadon 1977–78
A40M Northleach bypass 1977–78
A1 Felton bypass 1977–78
A66 Troutbeck diversion 1977–78
A66 Bowes bypass 1977–78
A1 G.S.J. at Darrington 1977–78
A64 Leeds to Bramham Cross
roads stage 1 1977–78
A17 Leadenham bypass 1977–78
A17 Heckington bypass and
improvement west to Kirkby
la Thorpe 1977–78
A52 Borrowash bypass west
extension 1977–78
A17 New Washway Road
Saracan's Head to Laurel
Lodge 1977–78
A405 A6 (London Colney) to
A1 (Hatfield) 1977–78
A405 Humming Bird to M10
Park Street 1977–78
M56 Hapsford to Lea by
Backford 1977–78
A56 Diversion Haslingden
bypass 1977–78
M65 Calder Valley (Hynd-
burn to Burnley) 1977–78
M5 Widening Lydiate Ash to
Quinton 1977–78
M42 Tamworth (Water Orton
Contract) 1977–78
M42 Bromsgrove Section 1977–78
M25 Chertsey to Wisley 1977–78
M3 Popham to Compton 1977–78

Scheme Planned Year of Start
A303 Andover to Amesbury 1977–78
M20 Ashford to Sellindge 1977–78
M3 Compton to Bassett 1977–78
M25 Sevenoaks interchange
widening 1977–78
M25 Thorpe to Chertsey 1977–78
A30 Polstrong to St. Erth 1977–78
M1 Widening Berrygrove
to Breakspear 1977–78
M11 Cambridge western
bypass 1977–78
A12 Chelmsford bypass 1977–78
A604 Bar Hill to Godman-
chester 1977–78
A17 West of Kings Lynn to
County Boundary 1977–78
A133 Colchester Eastern &
Elmstead Market bypass 1977–78
A13 Wennington to M16 1977–78
A3 M16 to Hogg Lane and
Grays bypass 1977–78
A34 East Ilsley to Chilton 1978–79
A1 Alnwick bypass stage 2 1978–79
A66 Appleby bypass 1978–79
A6 14/52 Junction improve-
ment, Nottingham 1978–79
A47 Swaffham bypass 1978–79
A47 Acle bypass 1978–79
M54 Kelsall bypass 1978–79
M65 Calder Valley (White-
birk to Hyndbum 1978–79
A590 Greenodd diversion 1978–79
A590 Meathop to Sampool
Bridge 1978–79
A56 Diversion Accrington
easterly bypass, northern section 1978–79
A19 Billingham Bottoms im-
provement 1978–79
A511 Ashbourne to Allestree
improvement 1978–79
M27 Chilworth to Hedge End 1978–79
A2 Canterbury bypass 1978–79
M25 Egham to Wraysbury 1978–79
M25 Wraysbury to Heathrow 1978–79
M25 Wisley to Reigate 1978–79
M20 Maidstone to Lenham
Heath 1978–79
M20 Lenham to Ashford 1978–79
A34/A30/A303 Popham to
Bullington Crossroads and
Litchfield to Kingsworthy 1978–79
A30 Tongue End Cross to
East of Whiddon Down 1978–79
A38 Manadon to Tamar
Bridge 1978–79
A303 South Petherton to West
Ilchester 1978–79
M16/25 Theydon Bois (M11)
to A12 1978–79
A47 Kings Lynn to East Dere-
ham 1978–79
M16/25 Waltham Cross (A10)
to Theydon Bois (M11) 1978–79
A303 Chicklade bypass 1979–80
A303 Winterbourne Stoke by-
pass 1979–80
A31 Wimborne Minster by-
pass 1979–80
A45 G.S.J. at Leamington
Turn 1979–80

Scheme Planned Year of Start
A66 Improvement North Bitts
to Greta Bridge 1979–80
A590 Levens Bridge diversion 1979–80
A66 Improvement Palliard
Bridge to Brough bypass 1979–80
A66 Improvement West
to Kirkby Thore to Cracken-
thorpe 1979–80
A1 Beiford bypass 1979–80
A168 Improvement Dishforth
bypass to A1 1979–80
A1 / A639 Junction (Barnsdale
Bar) 1979–80
A17 Improvement Newark
Swinshead Bridge 1st stage 1979–80
A47 Blofield bypass 1979–80
A47 Guyhirn diversion 1979–80
A51 Chester to Tarvin 1979–80
A590 Ulverston diversion stage
3 1979–80
A483 Chester southern bypass to
Welsh border 1979–80
A56 Diversion Accrington
easterly bypass southern section 1979–80
A590 Dualling east of Newby
Bridge 1979–80
A590 Dalton in Furness bypass 1979–80
A590 Diversion at High Newton 1979–80
A63 South Docks Road Hull 1979–80
A18 Brigg to Ulceby 1979–80
A18 Ulceby to Grimsby 1979–80
A64 Scarborough to Staxton 1979–80
A629 Kildwich to Stockbridge 1979–80
M40 Warwick section 1979–80
M25 Swanley to Sevenoaks
Link 1979–80
A34 Newbury to Litchfield 1979–80
M25 Heathrow to M4 1979–80
A30 St. Erth to Chyandour 1979–80
A30 Okehampton bypass 1979–80
A303 Wincanton bypass to Mere
bypass 1979–80
A17 Swineshead bypass 1979–80
A11 Stump Cross to New-
market 1979–80
A1 Roestock to Stanborough 1979–80