HC Deb 02 April 1976 vol 908 c615W
Mr. Lawrence

asked the Secretary of State for Education and Science whether Staffordshire County Local Education Authority has taken up its full allocation from his Department for the extension of education facilities for children under five years of age.

Miss Margaret Jackson

Yes. Staffordshire accepted in full its nursery education building allocations for 1974–75 and 1975–76, and has not notified my right hon. Friend of any intention to surrender its allocation for 1976–77.

CCT Heading No. Description of products Security £/metric ton
12.01 B. Others, with the exception of castor beans:
—Soya beans 11.859
—Linseed 9.756
—Cottonseed 7.536
—Groundnuts 7.244
—Colza and rape seed 6.952
—Sunflower seed 6.134
—Poppy seed, beech, camelina, illipes, mowrah, bassia, karite purghera, croton and mustard 0
—Others 4.557
12.02 Flour or meals of oil seeds or oleaginous fruit, non-defatted (with the exception of mustard and castor bean flour):
A. Of soya beans 11.859
B. Others:
—Linseed flour or meal 9.756
—Cotton seed flour or meal 7.536
—Groundnut flour or meal 7.244
—Colza and rape seed flour or meal 6.952
—Sunflower flour or meal 6.134
—Other flour or meals 4.557
12.10 B. Others. 2.629
23.03 A. II. Residues from the manufacture of starch from maize (excluding concentrated steeping liquors) of a protein content not exceeding 40 per cent. by weight calculated on the dry product. 2.629
23.04 B. Others, with the exception of castor bean cakes:—Oil cakes:
—Of soya and linseed 15.773
—Of groundnut, cotton and sunflower seed 14.196
—Other oil cakes 12.618
—Other residues resulting from the extraction of vegetable oils 2.629
23.07 B. Others containing, separately or together, even when mixed with other products, starch, glucose or glucose syrup, falling within subheadings 17.02 B and 17.05 B and milk products 15.773
C. Not specified or included 15.773

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