HC Deb 31 October 1975 vol 898 cc630-1W
Mr. Patrick Jenkin

asked the Secretary of State for Energy if he will give his estimates of the demand for coal for electricity generation in the United Kingdom for the years 1975 to 1980, assuming that the price of coal remains competitive with that of fuel oil and that two AGR stations come on stream in 1976, two in 1977 and one in 1978.

Mr. Benn

Consumption of coal in power stations is likely to be about 74 million tons in 1975, and I expect it to increase over the period in question. But my Department is currently engaged on its annual review of energy prospects and it will not be possible to give an up-to-date estimate until this has been completed. The Government's policy for coal was set out in the 1974 Reports of the Coal Industry Examination, to which the Government adhere.

£ million
(v) Research, development etc. by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority 100
Class IV, 6:
Section A 84.255
Net research and development etc. expenditure by and on behalf of the UKAEA.
Section C 13.964
Nuclear energy services carried out on behalf of the Department of Energy, mainly the Tripartite Gas Centrifuge Collaboration.
Supplementary Estimate 1.463
Mainly for reorganisation of the nuclear industry.
TOTAL 99.682
(vi) Department of Energy, research and development 7
Class IV, 8:
Section C 6.9
Research and development contracts carried out on behalf of the Department by industry, universities and other United Kingdom Government departments.
(vii) Assistance towards offshore development projects 24
Class IV, 8:
Section E 8.5
Selective assistance under Section 8 of the Industry Act to the offshore industry, e.g. the Offshore Supplies Interest Relief Grant Scheme.
Section G1 15.5
Development of construction sites for offshore oil production platforms: expenditure under the Offshore Petroleum Development (Scotland) Act.
TOTAL 24.0

Further subhead detail is shown in Supply Estimates 1975–76 (H.C. 210 of 1974–75) which include under Section B of Class IV, 6 net receipts of £11 million from the sales of uranium ore, and Supplementary Estimates 1975–76 (H.C. 445 of 1974–75).

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