HC Deb 24 March 1975 vol 889 cc62-7W
Mrs. Kellett-Bowman

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will specify the grants and loans which have been approved for the north-west area from the European Agricultural Giudance and Guarantee Fund since 1st January 1973.

Mr. Peart:

No loans have been approved. The Guidance section of the Fund is committed to pay £11.9 million in grant towards United Kingdom individual projects under the Community's 1973 Individual Project Scheme and the first allocation under the 1974 scheme. The Commission has not yet decided on the projects to be included in the second allocation. Details and location of United Kingdom projects approved under the 1973 scheme and the first allocation of the 1974 scheme are below.

A geographical breakdown of the FEOGA contribution to grants made for common and special measures under the Guidance section of the Fund is not available. The United Kingdom has so far received about £20,000 as a contribution towards 1973 expenditure on such measures. Claims for 1974 expenditure have not yet been submitted.

EEC Reference Number EEC Description of Project
UK/1/73 Construction of wholesale food market. Birmingham.
UK/8/73 Construction of factory for cheese and milk products. Maelor. Flintshire.
UK/9/73 Expansion of Stilton cheese factory at Hartington, Derbyshire.
UK/I0/73 Construction and equipping of egg packing stations in Wiltshire, Surrey and Gloucestershire.
UK/11/73 Reorganisation of drainage at Upwell Fen, Cambridgeshire
UK/12/73 New pumping station, Cambridgeshire.
UK/13/73 Modernisation and extension of pig processing factory at Elmswell. Suffolk.
UK/15173 Reorganisation of drainage schemes in Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire.
UK/16/73 Construction of new seed handling complex at Rothwell, Lincolnshire.
UK/17/73 Construction of flood prevention embankments, River Lugg near Hereford.
UK/20/73 Conversion of non-refrigerated store into cheese pre-packing unit and cold store, Johnstown, Carmarthen.
UK/21/73 Construction of two pumping stations and drainage improvements. Appleby Carrs and North Kelsey Carrs, Lincolnshire.
UK/22/73 Replacement of obsolete horticultural and fish wholesale market Bradford.
UK/27/73 Drainage scheme on east bank of River Ouse, Norfolk.
UK/29/73 Flood prevention measures on Sudell Brook, Lancashire.
UK/32/73 Construction of two beef production research units, Leicestershire and Ingleston, Edinburgh.
UK/33/73 Construction of two stern trawlers to be based at Hull, Yorkshire.
UK/37/73 Extension and modernisation of cheese manufacturing capacity and installation of whey processing facilities. Llandyrnog Dairy. Denbighshire.
UK/49/73 Construction of seven water pumping stations and associated works at Witham Valley, Lincolnshire.
UK/50/73 Flood prevention measures on River Wharfe, Yorkshire.
UK/52/73 Flood prevention measures on River Ouse, Yorkshire.
UK/53/73 Flood prevention measures. Market Weighton Canal and River Foulness, Yorkshire.
UK/58/73 Flood prevention measures between Selby and Sherburn-in-Elmet, Yorkshire.
UK/59/73 Modernisation and expansion of bacon and pork factory, Norton, Yorkshire.
UK/60/73 Flood prevention measures, Winestead Drain, Yorkshire.
UK/65/73 Extension of laboratory for research into toxicological problems relating to agricultural and processed food products, Carshalton, Surrey.
UK/72/73 Milk standardisation at three dairies in Glamorganshire and Monmouthshire.
UK/75/73 Construction of grain storage and denaturing plant, Gloucester.
UK/82/73 Construction of flume tank for testing model trawls at Hull.
UK/83/73 Extension and improvement of co-operative grass drying plant. Holton-le-Clay, Lincolnshire.
UK/87/73 Intensification of bulk milk collection in England and Wales.
UK/89/73 Extension and modernisation of dairy at Durham.
UK/9l/73 Improvement of drainage, water supply and roads on agricultural estate near Harrogate, Yorkshire.
UK/92/73 Intensive drainage and ditching work on agricultural estate in North Riding of Yorkshire.
UK/93/73 Land drainage works in parishes of Scrayingham and Acklam in East Riding of Yorkshire.
UK/94/73 Construction of farm roads and bridge near Ramsey, Huntingdonshire.
UK/96/73 Construction of central grain drying, cleaning and storage centre at Wimblington, Cambridgeshire.
UK/99/73 Land drainage works on an agricultural estate near Skipton, Yorkshire.
UK/104/73 Construction of buildings and plant for liquid milk standardisation at a dairy near Liverpool.
Total amount of grant: £4,679,966.

EEC Reference Number EEC Description of Project
UK/24/73. Construction of a finishing vessel to be based at Whalsey.
UK/26/73 UK/42–44/7.3,UK/47/73and UK/66/73 Construction of eight fishing vessels to be based at Perterhead.
UK/30/73 Construction of a fishing vessel to be based at Fraserburgh.
UK/5/73 Construction of a Cheddar cheese-making factory at Sorbie.
UK/48/73 Construction of a cheese-making and milk products factory at Lockerbie.
UK/2/73 Construction of a processing complex for cheese and allied dairy products at Inverness.
UK/54/73 Installation of cheese manufacturing plant and construction of cheese and powder store in a creamery at Stranraer.
UK/3/73 Construction of a vegetable processing factory at Eyemouth.
UK/56/73 Construction of new building and plant for the production of par-fried French potatoes at Bo'ness.
UK/101/73 Construction of a central grain drying, cleaning and storage plant at Coupar Angus.
UK/68/73 Widening and deepening of the River Leet and Lamden Burn water course together with allied field drainage work in Berwickshire.
UK/100/73 Reorganisation and improvement of production conditions on a group of farms at Ayton, Berwickshire.
UK/102/73 Improvement of land, construction of farm roads, planting of shelter belts and various construction works on farms in North Argyll.
Total amount of grant: £1,910,277.
UK/35/73 Construction of cheese and milk replacer factory at Dunmanbridge (Co. Tyrone).
UK/40/73 Construction of a wholesale fruit and vegetable market in Belfast.
UK/64/73 Construction of a poultry processing factory at Craigavon (Co. Armagh).
UK/69/73 Construction of a pig slaughtering and processing factory near Londonderry.
UK/70/73 Construction of a cold store and blast freezer facility at Hillhall (Co. Antrim).
UK/73/73 Construction of a fish processing plant at Belfast.
UK/74/73 Construction of a cold store and blast freezing plant at Belfast.
UK/76/73 Construction of a meat products factory in Belfast.
UK/79/73 Provision of bulk tanks for milk storage and transport in Northern Ireland.
UK/90/73 Construction of a coldstore and blast freezing plant at Craigavon (Co. Armagh).
UK/103.1/73 Construction of broiler processing facilities at Dungannon (Co. Tyrone) and expansion of broiler production and transport facilities over a wide area of Northern Ireland.
Total amount of grant: £1,743,140.
UK/1/74 Construction of a new seafood processing factory, cold store plant and offices at Thorne, Yorkshire.
UK/16/74 and UK/28/74 Construction of three fishing vessels (stern trawlers) to be based al Lowestoft, Suffolk.
UK/18/74, UK/38/74, UK/47/74 Construction of six fishing boats to be based at Grimsby.
UK/29/74 and UK/31/74 Construction of five fishing vessels to be based at North Shields. Northumberland.
UK/30/74 Erection of a meat processing factory at Liverpool.
UK/34/74 Grain storage installation at Bosham, Sussex.
UK/36/74 Provision of new pumping stations at Everton, Nottinghamshire.
UK/39/74 Raising and strengthening of a river embankment near Chester.
UK/41/74 Expansion and modernisation of a pig slaughterhouse and processing factory at Middlesbrough, Teesside.
UK/46/74 Drainage works (carrier drains and pumping scheme) at Oldbury, Gloucestershire.
UK/49/74 Construction of a pumping station for drainage on the River Great Ouse in Norfolk.
UK/67/74 Drainage works (provision of two pumping stations and dredging of dykes) at Fiskerton Fen, Lincolnshire.
UK/108/74 Modernisation and expansion of a pork and beef processing tactory at Barnsley, Yorkshire.
UK/129/74(formerly UK/86/73) Construction of a central grain store with drying and cleaning facilities at Piercebridge, Co. Durham.
Total amount of grant: £2,404,246.

EEC Reference Number EEC Description of Project
UK/2-5/74 and UK/8-9/74 Construction of six new fishing vessels, complete with gear, to be based at Peterhead, Aberdeenshire.
UK/6/74 and UK/22/74 Construction of two fishing vessels. to be based at Fraserburgh. Aberdeenshire.
UK/7/74 and UK/13/74 Construction of two fishing vessels to be based at Whalsay, in the Shetland Islands.
UK/26/74 Construction of a fishing vessel to be based at Buckie, Banffshire.
UK/32/74 and UK/40/74 Construction of two fishing vessels to be based at Eyemouth. Berwickshire.
UK/110/74 Extension and alteration of an abattoir and meat-processing plant at Bathgate, West Lothian.
Total amount of grant: £598,674.

UK/54/74 Expansion of a fish processing plant and cold store at Annalong Co. Down.
UK/63/74 Construction of a fishing boat, complete with gear, to be based at Donaghadee, Co. Down.
UK/64/74 Construction of a fishing vessel, with gear, to be based at Bangor. Co. Down.
UK/66/74, UK/90/74, UK/91/74 Construction of three fishing boats, complete with gear, to be based at Portavogie, Co. Down.
UK/65/74, UK/77– 78/74,) UK / 80 / 74, UK / 82 / 74, UK/84–85/74 and UK/92–93/74 Construction of nine fishing vessels, complete with gear, to be based at Kilkeel, Co.Down.
Total amount of grant: £636,833.