HC Deb 17 January 1975 vol 884 cc204-5W
Mr. Ovenden

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services if she will provide details of the information she has recently sought from some nursing homes approved under the Abortion Act.

Dr. Owen

All nursing homes with either more than six beds or more than 25 per cent. of the total beds in the establishment approved for the treatment of termination of pregnancy have been asked the following:

  1. (i) A detailed statement of the arrangements involved in:
    1. a. the reception, counselling and social and medical assessment of the patients before admission;
    2. b. the care and treatment of the patient on admission, and during her stay in the 205 home, including ensuring her fitness for discharge and referral to a doctor if agreed by the patient.
    3. c. the other facilities and amenities you provide for the patient;
    4. d. the after care of the patient including advice on contraception.
  2. (ii) The scale of fees charged for all aspects of the service provided as described in (i) above.
  3. (iii) Do you at present quote a comprehensive fee or provide a detailed statement of charges for all services provided and if not are you prepared to do so?
  4. (iv) During 1974 did you advertise your services and if so where? Did such advertisements quote any fees?
  5. (v) Do you receive patients from pregnancy advisory bureaux or medical referral agencies? If so please give details of the organisations concerned and the percentage of patients received from each during 1974.
  6. (vi) During 1974 what percentage of your patients were from outside Great Britain?
  7. (vii) What was the normal channel of referral in 1974 in the case of patients treated from outside Great Britain?
  8. (viii) During 1974 what proportion of your patients were referred to you by a doctor not connected with the nursing home?

My right hon. Friend is also seeking from organisations known to her to be involved in the running of pregnancy advisory bureaux or medical referral agencies their views on the creation of a register of such places. Their comments have also been sought on a list of possible conditions to be satisfied before a bureau or agency would be included on such a register.

1970 1971 1972 1973 1974
Meat, meat preparations and live animals wholly or mainly for human food £ million fob*. 41.1 34.7 71.2 102.3 81.3
Percentage in carcase form† 41.7 55.3 64.1 73.9 82.0
* SITC(R) Divisions 00 and 01 less breeding and dairy animals, horses, asses, mules and hinnies.
† SITC(R) Division 01 less meat preparations in Group 013, but including offals and hams in cans or other airtight containers.
‡ Figures for years 1970–72 include swine exported for breeding purposes.

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