HC Deb 19 December 1975 vol 902 cc874-5W
Mr. Crawshaw

asked the Secretary of State for Employment if he will consider authorising an increase in teaching grants in respect of young people recruited in excess of the immediate needs of a company.

Mr. Harold Walker

I am informed by the Manpower Services Commission that it is not proposed to increase the number of premium grants made available to employers by the Training Services Agency through industrial training boards and similar industry organisations. Whilst there has been a heartening response from industry, some of these grants are still available. Should further demands arise which cannot be met from existing resources, the Agency will consult the Commission. Experience has shown that the rate of the grants has been adequate to provide the majority of employers with sufficient incentive to recruit additional young people and it is not proposed to make any changes.

Mr. Crawshaw

asked the Secretary of State for Employment if he will extend the provision of financial assistance for the training of craft apprentices to companies other than those which run their own training school.

Mr. Harold Walker

I am informed by the Manpower Services Commission that grants are available to companies recruiting additional craft apprentices for training in establishments other than those operated by the company. The majority of the industrial training boards are offering these grants, which are wholly or mainly funded by the Training Services Agency, to firms recruiting additional apprentices for training in board or group training centres or colleges of further education, or by traditional on-the-job methods with associated day or block release for further education. The availability of the grants in a particular industry depends upon the policy of the appropriate ITB or similar industry organisation.

Dependent Territories Independent Territories Total
I. Managerial occupations (general management) 11 11
II. Professional and related occupations supporting management and administration 2 115 117
III. Professional and related occupations in education, welfare and health 39 942 981
IV. Literary, artistic and sports occupations 7 242 249
V. Professional and related occupations in science, engineering, technology and similar fields 16 135 151
VI. Managerial occupations (excluding general management) 3 27 30
VII. Clerical and related occupations 7 58 65
VIII. Selling occupations 2 17 19
IX. Security and Protective Service occupations 8 8
X. Catering, cleaning, hairdressing and other personal Service occupations 177 284 461
XI. Farming, fishing and related occupations 1 1
XII. Materials processing occupations (excluding metal) 7 7
XIII. Making and repairing occupations (excluding metal and electrical) 5 5
XIV. Processing, making, repairing and related occupations (metal and electrical) 20 20
XV. Painting, repetitive assembling, product inspecting, packaging and related occupations 1 16 17
XVI. Construction, mining and related occupations not elsewhere classified
XVII. Transport operating materials moving and storing and related occupations 4 4
XVIII. Miscellaneous occupations 6 38 44
Totals 260 1,930 2,190

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