HC Deb 15 December 1975 vol 902 cc528-9W
Sir D. Kaberry

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services what was the total number of administrative staff for each of the former regional health boards or authorities in England prior to reorganization on 1st March 1974; what is the

Regional Hospital Board 1973 Regional Health Authority 1974
Newcastle 563 Northern 658
Leeds 637 Yorkshire 725
Sheffield 894 Trent 929
East Anglia 439 East Anglia 454
North West Metropolitan 953 North West Thames 881
North East Metropolitan 652 North East Thames 1,111
South East Metropolitan 750 South East Thames 1,012
South West Metropolitan 875 South West Thames 883
Oxford 499 Oxford 571
South-Western 747 South-Western 726
Birmingham 948 West Midlands 1,100
Manchester 928 North-Western 951
Liverpool 490 Mersey 614
Wessex 495 Wessex 684
Totals 9,870 11,299
Considerable boundary changes have occurred and additional functions have been assumed by the new health authorities. Figures before and after reorganisation are, therefore, not comparable generally and are also subject to the specific reservations that follow.
All the above figures are in whole-time equivalents and exclude computer, secretariat, clerical and other specialised grades within the administrative and clerical group.
1973 numbers relate to those employed in the former regional hospital boards and their associated hospital management committees. Staff of boards of governors are excluded.
Because of boundary changes it is not possible to provide comparable figures for former local health authority and executive council staff: such staff and their post-reorganization—primary health care and family practitioner services—counterparts are, therefore, excluded.
The 1973 figures exclude staff responsible for the administration of community health services for which £8 million, for England as a whole, mainly representing staff costs, was transferred to the National Health Service from local authorities with no corresponding transfer of staff. This additional workload is carried by the staff in post in 1974.