HC Deb 26 November 1974 vol 882 c131W
Mr. Wigley

asked the Chancellor of the

Name of company Number of shares held
Appledore Shipbuilding Co. Ltd 150,000 £1 Ordinary shares.
Beagle Aircraft Co. Ltd. (in liquidation) 1,000,000 £1 Ordinary shares.
British Nuclear Design & Construction Ltd 260,000 £1 Ordinary shares.
British Petroleum Co. Ltd 11,630,769 £1 Ordinary shares.
Cammell Laird Shipbuilders 1,500,000 £1 Ordinary shares.
Dunford & Elliott 271,357 25p Ordinary shares.
George Kent Ltd 3,017,577 Ordinary shares of 50p,
1,244,180 Deferred Ordinary shares of 50p.
International Computers (Holdings) Ltd. 3,500,000 £1 "C" Ordinary shares.
Kearney Trecker & Marwin Machine Tool (Holdings) Ltd. 336,564 £1 Ordinary shares.
Mersey Docks & Harbour Company 4,137,265 10p Ordinary shares
110p Special share.
North-East Coast Ship Repairers Ltd 1,800,000 £1 Ordinary shares.
Rolls Royce (1971) Ltd 30,000,000 £1 Ordinary shares.
Sunderland Shipbuilding Co. Ltd 2,750,000 £1 Ordinary shares.
Govan Shipbuilders Ltd 5,000,000 £1 Ordinary shares.
Nuclear Enterprises Ltd 7,353 £1 "B" Ordinary shares.
Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Ltd. (in liquidation) 875,000 £1 Ordinary shares,
12,000,000 25p Ordinary shares.

Some of these firms, such as Rolls Royce and BP Ltd, operate in more than one part of Great Britain.