HC Deb 08 November 1974 vol 880 cc277-8W
Mr. Ovenden

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services if she will list

Mr. O'Malley

The table below shows the upper and lower limits of gross earnings per week, not including family allowances, within which a (single) wage/salary earner could benefit from increases in his or her gross pay to full extent of each increase, less only the standard rate of income tax. It is assumed that the family is in rented accommodation where the rent is less than £6.67 a week and that the rates are less than £2.35 a week. In these circumstances entitlement to means-tested benefits will cease below a gross earnings level of £62 a week which is the point where graduated contributions to national insurance reach a maximum. Only basic tax allowances have been employed together with clawback where appropriate.

those national insurance benefits for which payment may be backdated beyond the date of actual application and those for which no such procedure exists.

Mr. Alec Jones

Sickness, invalidity, unemployment, maternity and widow's benefits, and retirement pensions, may be paid for varying periods before the date of the claim. Where back-dating is possible this is subject to statutory time limits and often depends upon the independent adjudicating authorities, which decide claims, accepting that there was good cause for the delay. Attendance allowance is a benefit of a different kind, subject to a six months' qualifying period, and is not payable for any period before the date of claim.