HC Deb 21 May 1974 vol 874 cc140-3W
Mrs. Winifred Ewing

asked the Lord Advocate if he will make a statement on the principles and practice regulating shrieval appointments in Scotland, and list the appointments in each of the last 10 years with the respective dates.

Mr. William Ross

I have been asked to reply as appointments to the shrieval bench are made by Her Majesty on my recommendation.

As is well known, the long-standing practice has been that I act upon a nomination from the Lord Advocate. The qualifications for appointment are laid down in the Sheriff Courts (Scotland) Act 1971.

The appointments over the last 10 years have been as follows: —

Sheriffdom Sheriff Principal Sheriff
Aberdeen, Kincardine and Banff
A. J. Mackenzie Stuart, Q.C. 1st October 1971
G. S. Gimson, Q.C 12th June 1972
M. J. A. Rose, D.F.C 1st November 1968
T. M. Croan 1st November 1969
A. M. G. Russell, Q.C 1st May 1971
Ayr and Bute
R. H. McDonald, M.C., Q.C. 17th January 1966
D.M.Ross, Q.C 1st January 1972
R. Reid, Q.C 20th February 1973
J.M.Shaw 1st February I960
D. M. K. Grant 1st October 1966
Caithness, Sutherland, Orkney and Zetland
F. W. F. O'Brien, Q.C 1st May 1965
Dumfries and Galloway
A. M. Johnston, Q.C 4th October 1966
D. W. R. Brand, Q.C 17th June 1968
P. Maxwell, Q.C 20th July 1970
I. MacDonald, M.C., Q.C. 20th February 1973
J. H. McCluskey, Q.C 24th December 1973
W. I. R. Stewart, Q.C 22nd April 1974
R. MacDonald 22nd March 1965
G. C. Carmichael, Q.C 21st September 1969
C. G. B. Nicholson 1st April 1970
N. J. G. Ramsay 7th January 1971
Fife and Kinross
C. E. Jauncey, Q.C. 1st October 1971
G. I. W. Shiach 30th October 1972
Inverness, Moray, Nairn and Ross and Cromarty
S. O. Kermack 1st June 1965
H. Lyons 17th January 1966
M. Layden 1st May 1971
W. R. M. Murdoch, C.B.E., D.S.C., V.R.D. 1st July 1971
S. S. Robinson, M.B.E 1st May 1972
D. Y. Abbey 2nd November 1964
J. V. M. Shields, C.B.E., Q.C. 2nd November 1964
P. G. B. McNeill 22nd November 1965
N. E. D. Thomson. 2nd May 1966
Miss I. L. Sinclair, Q.C 24th October 1966
N. D. Macleod 21st November 1967
J. J. Maguire 9th January 1968
A. R. Mcllwraith 18th December 1972
A. A. Bell, Q.C 10th September 1973
A. L. Stewart 1st October 1973
I. D. Michaela 10th December 1973
Lothain and peebles
G. P. S. Shaw, Q.C 1st December 1965
W. J. Bryden, C.B.E., Q.C 1st September 1973
W. Mcllwraith 1st October 1966
N. Macvicar 1st November 1968
J. A. Dick, M.C., Q.C. 1st October 1969
Perth and Angus
G. L. Cox 1st October 1968
Renfrew and Argyll
J. P. H. Mackay, Q.C. 12th June 1972
D. D. T. Reid 1st August 1967
W. C. Henderson 1st October 1968
H. R. MacLean 1st October 1968
Roxburgh, Berwick and Selkirk
R. S. Johnston, Q.C. 30th October 1964
Hon. H. S. Keith, Q.C. 20th July 1970
R. A. Bennett, Q.C. 1st October 1971
Sheriffdom Sheriff Principal Sheriff
Stirling, Dunbarton and Clackmannan
R. R. Taylor, Q.C Ph.D 13th May 1971
A. B. Wilkinson 1st May 1969
J. C. M. Jardine 16th June 1969
M. Stone 1st May 1971
"Floating" Sheriffs
R. D. Ireland, Q.C. 1st February 1972
J. C. Mclnnes 19th July 1973
C. R. Macarthur, Q.C 13th January 1974
I. L. M. Mitchell 11th February 1974
Year ended Sheriff Principal Sheriff Total
15th May 1965 2 3 5
15th May 1966 2 5 7
15th May 1967 1 3 4
15th May 1968 0 3 3
15th May 1969 1 6 7
5th May 1970 0 5 5
15th May 1971 2 3 5
5th May 1972 6 3 9
5th May 1973 4 2 6
5th May 1974 3 6 9