HC Deb 28 June 1974 vol 875 cc31-2W

  1. 1 The making, cleaning, washing, altering, ornamenting, finishing and repairing of wearing apparel.
  2. 2 The making up, ornamenting, finishing and repairing of table linen, bed linen, or other household linen—including in the term "linen" articles of cotton or cotton and linen mixtures—and any processes incidental thereto.
  3. 3 The making, ornamenting, mending and finishing of lace and of lace curtains and nets.
  4. 4 The making of curtains and furniture hangings and any processes incidental thereto.
  5. 5 Cabinet and furniture making and upholstery work.
  6. 6 The making of electro-plate.
  7. 7 The making of files.
  8. 8 The manufacture of brass and of any article or parts of articles of brass, including in the term "brass" any alloy or compound of copper with zinc or tin.
  9. 9 Fur pulling.
  10. 10 The making of iron and steel cables and chains.
  11. 11 The making of iron and steel anchors and grappels.
  12. 12 The making of cart gear, including swivels, rings, loops, gear buckles, mullin bits, hooks and attachments of all kinds.
  13. 13 The making of locks, latches and keys.
  14. 14 The making or repairing of umbrellas, sunshades, parasols or parts thereof.
  15. 15 The making of artificial flowers.
  16. 16 The making of nets other than wire nets.
  17. 17 The making of tents.
  18. 18 The making or repairing of sacks.
  19. 19 The covering of raquet or tennis balls.
  20. 20 The making of paper bags.
  21. 21 The making of boxes or other receptacles or parts thereof made wholly or partially of paper, cardboard, chip, or similar material.
  22. 22 The making of brushes.
  23. 23 Pea picking.
  24. 24 Feather sorting.
  25. 25. The carding, boxing, or packeting of buttons, hooks and eyes, pins, and hair pins.
  26. 26 The making of stuffed toys.
  27. 27 The making of baskets.
  28. 28 The manufacture of chocolates or sweetmeats.
  29. 29 The making or filling of cosaques, Christmas crackers, Christmas stockings, or similar articles or parts thereof.
  30. 30 The weaving of any textile fabric.
  31. 31 The making of lampshades other than lampshades made wholly of metal or glass or stone:

And any processes incidental to the above.

Mr. Rooker

asked the Secretary of State for Employment if he will list the numbers of home workers covered by each wages council.

Mr. Booth

I regret that the information requested by my hon. Friend is not obtainable.