HC Deb 28 June 1974 vol 875 cc573-4W
Mr. Stanbrook

asked the Secretary of Staff for Social Services what proportion of the National Health Service budget is spent on administrative staff; what sum this represents in monetary terms; whether and to what extent this has increased over the last three years; and how this compares with the increase in staff concerned solely with patient care.

Dr. Owen

For the most recent three years for which figures are available the

Scheme Planned completion date Estimated cost£
Burton District Hospital Centre:
Boilerhouse 1974–75 396,000
Geriatric accommodation and day hospital 1975–76 855,000
Additional X-ray equipment 1974–75 2,880
Fire precaution 1974–75 8,500
Improvements to ventilation in X-ray department 1974–75 5,000
Office accommodation for district team of officers 1974–75 10,000
Improvements to ventilation and blackout facilities in the post-graduate medical centre 1974–75 5,000
Burton-on-Trent General Hospital:
Conversion of boilers 1974–75 58,770
Upgrading paediatric ward nursery 1974–75 7,700
Improvements to telephone system 1975–76 20,000

expenditure in England on administrative staff expressed as a percentage of the National Health Service budget for hospitals and practitioners' services, and also in money terms, was:

Per cent. £ million
1970–71 3.4 46.4
1971–72 3.6 54.9
1972–73 3.6 63.8

Expenditure on medical, dental, nursing, paramedical and technical staff expressed similarly was:

Per cent. £ million
1970–71 46.3 627.8
1971–72 45.9 710.9
1972–73 46.1 808.6

The increase in these total budgets over the preceding year compared on a constant price basis was 3.2 per cent, 2.8 per cent. and 3.7 per cent. respectively.

Similar information for community health services provided by local authorities in these years is not available.