HC Deb 25 October 1973 vol 861 c589W
Mr. Jay

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food what has been the percentage rise in the retail price of the following commodities since June 1970: beef, lamb, pork, bacon, butter and cheese.

Mrs. Fenner

The following table shows the percentage increase in average retail prices, as collected for the purpose of the Index of Retail Food Prices, between 16th June 1970 and 18th September 1973, the latest date for which information is available.

Item Percentage increase in average price
Beef: home-killed
Chuck 73.3
Sirloin (without bone) 74.1
Silverside (without bone)* 64.4
Back ribs (with bone)* 76.7
Fore ribs (with bone) 74.3
Brisket (with bone) 97.8
Rump steak* 62.8
Beef: imported chilled
Chuck 90.5
Silverside (without bone)* 79.3
Rump steak* 69.7
Lamb: home-killed
Loin (with bone) 62.6
Breast* 59.8
Best end of neck 61.1
Shoulder (with bone) 53.6
Leg (with bone) 57.9
Lamb: imported
Loin (with bone) 92.2
Breast* 119.0
Best end of neck 93.8
Shoulder (with bone) 94.6
Leg (with bone) 89.0
Pork: home-killed
Leg (foot off) 53.9
Belly* 64.1
Loin (with bone) 53.1
Collar* 74.7
Gammon* 69.4
Middle cut, smoked* 80.3
Back, smoked 85.0
Back, unsmoked 84.2
Streaky, smoked 88.6
New Zealand 25.6
Danish 18.5
Cheddar type 76.5
*Or Scottish equivalent.

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