HC Deb 30 November 1973 vol 865 cc227-8W
Mr. Arthur Lewis

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment whether he will give either a detailed list or summary of the rules, regulations, directives, duties and levies as imposed by the Common Market which affect his Department in any way ; and to what extent these have increased or decreased prices and costs or made any difference to the expenditure of his Department, the consumer, or taxpayer for which he has ministerial responsibility.

Mr. Rippon

No. The English texts of Community secondary legislation adopted before the enlargement of the Community are published in the Special English Edition of the Official Journal. An index to this edition has been published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office. Secondary legislation adopted since 1st January 1973 is listed on the front pages of the issues of the Official Journal in which the texts are published. All of these publications are available in both the Vote Office and the Library. The second part of the Question could only be answered, in so far as this is practicable, at an unjustifiable cost to public funds.

1, In built-up areas :
(a) Vehicles exceeding 15 tonnes capacity 30kph (18½mph)
(b) Other vehicles 60 kph (37 mph)
2. Outside built-up areas :
(a) All-purpose roads, vehicles exceeding 5 tonnes permitted gross weight 60 kph (37 mph)
(b) Motorways, all vehicles 90 kph (56 mph)
Minimum motorway speed 70 kph (43½ mph)
Vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes permitted gross weight 60 kph (37 mph)
1. Vehicles first used before 1st January 1966 and vehicles carrying dangerous substances, on all roads; vehicles first used after 1st January 1966 on all-purpose roads :
(a) Vehicles from 10 tonnes to 15 tonnes gross weight 85 kph (53 mph)
(b) Vehicles from 15 tonnes to 19 tonnes gross weight 75 kph (46½ mph)
(c) Vehicles from 19 tonnes to 26 tonnes gross weight 65 kph (40 mph)
(d) Vehicles exceeding 26 tonnes gross weight 60 kph (37 mph)
2. Vehicles first used after 1st January 1966, on motorways and main through roads :
(a) Vehicles from 10 tonnes to 19 tonnes gross weight 90 kph (56 mph)
(b) Vehicles exceeding 19 tonnes gross weight 80 kph (50 mph)